This and that January 07, 2022

I need a little writing therapy so here we are. I don’t have anything in particular on my mind though.

I heard a loud noise earlier, it sounded like something tipped, rolled, and fell over. I went all over the house trying to see what happened. Nothing. I was listening to two guys doing their weekly op-ed type podcast and since I couldn’t find anything in the house I thought maybe one of them had knocked something over at their place. Didn’t seem likely but you never know, right?

In the quiet aftermath of their show ending I heard downspouts rattling on the roof. A storm rolled in when I wasn’t paying attention. The wind must have been strong to make a noise loud enough to be heard over the cranked up volume.

Hopefully the storm won’t blow as hard all night as it is right now. The forgotten bedroom window is open a crack and it’s frozen in place so it can’t be closed. The wind whistling in a narrow space makes a lot of noise, it will be interesting trying to sleep if it keeps this up. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and thaw it enough so that it can be closed.

Along with the wild wind tonight we have a blowing snow advisory. That’s one drawback to fine powdery snow, it doesn’t take much wind to move it around. I’m grateful for my neighbor! If the promised amount happens he has plans to clear it out.

Speaking of podcasts, I was listening to another favorite tonight and at one point he was going on a bit of a rant trying to warn his listeners that the people posing as him, asking for money, are scammers. It must happen a lot because he seems to address this on a regular basis. It mostly happens for him on Facebook.

I haven’t had anyone approach me on line but I’ve noticed the scammer phone calls have come up with wild schemes that unsuspecting people could fall prey to. Hopefully people will be suspicious of anyone posing as a bank or some other institution, or of anyone at all asking for money. Never trust someone asking for money.


So currently I have two things on the go, aside from listening to podcasts. Another read and my Christmas puzzle. The book is a two in one, it includes a full length bonus mystery. I wasn’t sure how I would like them, story one started out like another one from WWII. I was glad to find it was just the introduction, the main part of the story was present day. In the end I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read so far.

A Christmas Eve Promise: a story of hope and joy

It’s December 1941. Thomas is in his third year of college and is about to propose to Emily, his high school sweetheart. But the attack on Pearl Harbor has shocked the nation and is threatening to keep them apart. On a snowy, romantic Christmas Eve, he makes a life-changing promise to her. But fulfilling it will require everything of him and will lead to generational consequences he never could have imagined. Now is the time for a story of hope and joy.

BONUS BOOK INCLUDED: The Lakeside Conspiracy. Max and Michelle Henry had the perfect marriage and an ideal life in the small town of Lakeside, Arkansas where Max is the football coach and Michelle is a teacher. But when Max discovers the police are covering up the death of his star player will he and Michelle uncover secrets someone is ready to kill over?


One thing for sure; podcasts and puzzles go well together.

Time gets away on me when I find something to get lost in, like two more podcasts. It’s time to quit and get out of here.

It’s been nice chatting with you.

Happy reading…

…and maybe listening to some good podcasts.

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