Read and enjoyed May 12, 2022

These first two books were a fun read. The first impression at the thought of Obituaries would not be fun but when you consider people want the chance to tell the real truth, anything can happen. It has to be said that these people led quite the lives. It’s amazing they were never found out.

These next two were not as light-hearted and fun as the first books but they were definitely good reads.

One last one showed up at the discovery time for the Sisters by Design. It was a nice extension of my time with author Sharon Srock.

My current read is a complete change of pace but it deserves a place here anyway. This author is always enjoyable.

The weekend is coming soon, more reading time.Yes!

Happy Reading y’all

Free books May 09, 2022

We have books this morning! FREE ones. What could be better than that? Heroes, that’s what.

Do you ever look at a word and and feel all distressed and unsettled because it just looks wrong? I checked and it’s right but for some weird reason the spelling of heroes just looks wrong this morning. If I stare at it for awhile maybe it will look right again.

LPC Free Books has several free suggestions for us. With heroes.

The Bonfires of Beltane

It’s what the clan has always done. Since before anyone can remember, Taran’s celtic island people have sacrificed children to Crom Cruach, the dread sun god. Yet in his heart he knows it’s wrong. An escaped slave told him that in distant Britain they worship the One True God, a God who loves. A God so unlike the capricious, evil spirits that darken the souls of his people.

Now Taran’s about to be inducted into his clan’s inner circle of leaders. He promised Laurna, his betrothed, that he’d keep quiet about his doubts. But on the night of his ceremony, beside Crom Cruach, the bent idol of gold, he cannot give allegiance to a lie. Before everyone he questions the druids’ rule. Then he blames the clan’s miserable fortunes, not on the lack of sacrifices, but on the idol itself. What’s worse, he calls it a demon.

The druids are aghast. They meet in council, strip him of all honor, and order his banishment. Instead of a wedding with Laurna, there will be a tearful parting.

As the clan gathers on shore and a storm darkens the horizon, Taran paddles through the waves. But his wee craft was made for the shoreline, not the vast, raging sea. He looks back on his beloved, his people, everything he’s ever known. What has he done?

Thus begins Taran’s adventure in A.D. 432.

Beyond the sea lies ancient Celtic Ireland. There wait the Roman evangelist, Patrick, and two kingdoms ruled by powerful kings and their pagan, druid advisors. It’s a proud land where tradition is everything, where safe passage through the forests and over the bog roads is reserved for nobility, druids, warriors, or bards. Slavery or death await the rest. And the druids will do anything to remain in power and prevent Patrick and his followers from changing their ancient ways.

Will Taran find the spiritual truth he so desperately seeks? Will he escape wrathful kings and druid plots? Will he ever be able to return home, rescue his people, and rejoin his beloved Laurna?


This next one I’ve read and enjoyed.

The Gathering Storm: The truth can set you free. It can also kill you. (When Darkness Falls Book 1)

Stephanie Walker lives a peaceful life until her undependable and dishonest father, Marty Walker, suddenly arrives at her home pleading with Stephanie to come with him to his Harrington Lodge in the beautiful Ozarks. Stephanie, suspicious of her father’s motives, declines her father’s invitation.

After his departure, Stephanie discovers the diamond necklace she borrowed from her aunt is missing. Racing through a raging thunderstorm, Stephanie drives to the lodge to reclaim the stolen item.

But when she arrives, Stephanie finds her father dead, her aunt’s diamond necklace gone, and a pair of handcuffs fitted just for her. Stephanie’s claims of innocence fail to sway the local sheriff, who produces several pieces of evidence linking her to the murder. With a shaky alibi and a vindictive stepmother, Stephanie turns to a lodge employee for help. But will Brad Wilson’s assistance lead Stephanie to the real killer or prove to be her undoing? Like a gathering storm on a warm summer evening, Stephanie’s world darkens until she’s forced to turn to the one true source of knowledge. But what she learns about her father, family, and her own inner demons are more horrifying than the lies she’s come to believe.


I have read this author before, and I’ve read Revolutionary War stories over the years too. This one, with today’s writing styles may put a new spin on an old tale. The first chapter has me willing to take a chance.

A Heart for Freedom Janet Grunst

While in Scotland Heather Stewart witnessed the devastation and consequences of opposing the Crown.

Matthew Stewart wants only manage his rural Virginia inn and protect his family from the tyranny of the Crown.

She’s seen the cost of fighting England and wants no part of it. He has a heart for freedom and is ready to die for liberty and those he loves.

Both will find that the consequences of fighting for freedom and religious liberty will cost them more than their love for each other.


BookBub also has a FREE book you may enjoy.

Fear Has a Name: A Pulse-Pounding Contemporary Christian Thriller (The Crittendon Files Book 1) 

Granger Meade was mentally scarred as a boy by his religious zealot parents. He was bullied at school for his quiet, oafish appearance, which naturally made him a loner and outcast.

But one girl treated him differently—Pamela Wagner. Pam talked to Granger, took an interest, listened, made him feel like a human being. She cared when no one else did, and Granger loved her for it; and still does 20 years later.

So Granger goes back to their Ohio town. Back to Pamela. But she is happily married to reporter Jack Crittendon, who’s embroiled in a time-sensitive story about a pastor who’s disappeared and left a suicide note; a case swirling with suspicion and talk of scandal.


Happy reading y’all

Read and enjoyed. May 07, 2022

The wind is crazy out there tonight. It sounds like the kind of wind they had down south today. It was so strong semi trucks were flipping over on their sides all along the highways. Scary stuff.

At least the wind wasn’t quite as bad earlier this afternoon while I was out doing spring cleanup in my flower beds. Even so, it was still challenging to corral dried leaves to dispose of them.

It something how quickly everything starts to sprout once the weather warms up a bit. It’s wonderful to find sprouts hiding under dead leaves and plant material.

So, books to share. There are a few. Not as many as I thought but still not a bad showing. There could be more but it’s not as easy to find them on the latest model of Kindle. I liked the last version better, it was easy to see what’s what.

Happy Reading y’all

Christy Barritt has another new book May 04, 2022

It’s a bargain. This has been a good series, book four is about to come out and I’m excited.

Titus (Lantern Beach Blackout: Danger Rising Book 4)

She shattered his heart once. Can he set aside his betrayal for the sake of his country?

The last person Titus Armstrong wants to join forces with is the woman who dumped him for his brother. But Murphy Lennox is Blackout’s best chance at infiltrating a dangerous organization known as The System. Intel indicates the group is planning something deadly.

Murphy Lennox has been trapped in an abusive relationship for two years, and she wants out. When Titus reappears in her life, he’s like an answer to prayer—until she hears his request. She’s been trying to flee The System for months. Now she needs to go deeper.

Danger is brewing—brewing a plan that will destroy thousands of lives. Titus and Murphy have the best stance of stopping the scheme. But, if they fail, everything will be turned upside down—not only for them but for their country.


If nothing else shows up today we are still in good shape for new books, after yesterdays exciting finds.

Although, with people visiting from all parts of the globe today is relative, the day’s beginnings and endings are pretty fluid.

Whatever day it is for you, hopefully good books are always a welcome sight.

Happy Reading!

Read and Enjoyed April 26, 2022

There are a bunch to be shared this time.

I know I liked them all. I liked some a little better than others, but they were all worth the read.

This was a good one.

The Seat Beside Me (The Steadfast Series Book 1)

Welcome aboard Flight 1382

You are seated next to a stranger. An insignificant coincidence, small talk and pretzels. Yet this time, there’s a connection. A bond forms and your life is changed for having met them.

Five passengers and the people in the seats beside them. Five plus five. Ten lives forever linked—by chance or divine design? And someone is a hero and doesn’t even know it.

In the aftermath of a crisis, the passengers reevaluate their priorities and question the meaning of their lives. Compelling truths surface about what is really important. No one will be able to ignore the special significance of chance encounters ever again.

Is there a hero in you?


Another good one.

The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch Boxset Volume 1: Three Sweet Marriage of Convenience Western Romances 

Sgt. Dylan Banks lost more than just his leg in the war. His fiancée and family turned their backs on him as well. Now, he’s determined to create a safe place where wounded warriors like himself can heal. But a hidden zoning law requires all residents of the Purple Heart Ranch to be married. To save his dream, Dylan and his men will have to tie the knot—but can a man with such deep scars inside and out believe in love again?

Francisco DeMonti has always been a man with a plan. Though his last plan led to his entire squad being wounded on a mission in Afghanistan. Now he’s seeking redemption by getting all the men in his unit hitched so they can stay together and heal. But his own heart is under lock and key due to the shrapnel around it that could kill him at any moment.

Reed Cannon may be a numbers guy but being minus one arm due to enemy fire hasn’t slowed him down. Now he’s faced with a new challenge—find a bride so he can stay on the rehabilitation ranch that has given him and his squad back their lives. Reed turns to a dating app to narrow down the selection of potential brides. The woman who matches him nearly 100% is accessible online, but out of reach in reality.


A few more…

They were all good, I have to say.

Check them out.

Happy Reading

Free books April 25, 2022

Two FREE books tonight.

Retribution Road 

Gabe Jones—an underwater investigative diver with an unusual gift—has a way of finding trouble. This time though trouble finds him.

Carol Evans helped Gabe Jones survive his last adventure. Now they are a couple and Carol needs his help. Carol’s son, Paul, has made some decisions recently that have led him straight into a deep dark world of trouble. His disappearance has the whole family questioning what this kid has been up to and who exactly is the dead girl in his truck, which was submerged in a watery tomb. As they try and unravel Paul’s disappearance, the answers they uncover lead them on the chase of a lifetime that crosses state lines and national borders.

Carol and Gabe also find themselves needing help and support from Carol’s dad Tom, a retired Texas Ranger, who has a few problems of his own. A plane flown by family friends and the son of a well-known senator has crashed into Texas waters. When Gabe dives on the wreckage, he discovers a Pandora’s box of evidence that links Tom’s friends to Paul’s disappearance into a world filled with crime and violence. Homes and families are destroyed. Every action brings retribution until it appears no one will be left standing. Only total annihilation—or a miracle—will stop the killing. Someone must make the hard choices. Who will it be?


The Sanctum

“Pamela King Cable has created an unforgettable heroine in Neeley McPherson, a remarkable young woman of such courage and spunk that she dares to stand against unspeakable abuse and injustice not only for herself but also for her beloved caretaker, Gideon. Fleeing a horrendous life, Neeley discovers the true meaning of family, forgiveness, and love in a wolf sanctuary, which becomes a central metaphor for the difficult journey we all must undertake to find our way home. Thoroughly enjoyable book!” ~ Cassandra King Conroy (Pat’s wife) – Bestselling author of Moonrise, The Same Sweet Girls, and The Sunday Wife

This inspirational tale thrills with a tight plot, lyrical scene descriptions, and complex characters. Pamela Cable leaves readers aching for more.” ~ Julie Cantrell, New York Times bestselling author.

“I would compare The Sanctum to Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Set in the deep south during the Civil Rights Era, this book tackles such issues as racial discrimination and abuse.” ~ Kimberly A. Liston-McCabe


Happy Reading!

Free and bargain books April 21, 2022

A couple of books to mention quickly. A few interesting reads that showed up browsing earlier today.

This first one is FREE from a regular author.

Journey to Respect: Sweeping Historical Saga (The American Journey Book 3) 

East Meets West in a Regency Era Western~

An inspirational historical romance from a Carol Award–winning author: Does Rafe belong with his mother’s tribe or on his father’s plantation? As he chooses between two lives, Eve, a daughter of a prominent Washington, DC family, prepares for an unexpected journey west. Both Rafe and Eve embark on a journey, a Journey to Respect. But such journeys are rarely uncomplicated or without pitfalls. And falling in love is the most dangerous of all. PG13

This moving, authentic historical novel by a USA Today Bestselling author, is one you won’t want to miss. Though part of a series, this story is complete within itself.

A family’s saga, a young nation’s story~

What Readers Say:

“I so very seldom write a review but I couldn’t turn the last page without leaving one this time. Characters and emotions in this book seem so stunningly real I felt I was in the midst of them. This is a very beautiful story and I highly recommend it to each and all readers.”

“Another fantastic story in this series. Each one is as good as or better than the previous one. We met Rafe McKuen, the son of an Osage chief’s daughter and a fur trader in book two, but we get to know the man he is now.”


We’ve seen one book from this author about a year ago. It’s nice to see her again to get to know her a little better.

Deadly Connection

Private Investigator, Reid Lucas, and his mentor, Joe Lockhart, haven’t spoken in years, but when Joe wants to meet in a small-town diner, Reid’s interest is piqued. Without explanation, Joe calls and tells Reid he has five minutes to get waitress, Quinn Matthews, and her son out of the diner before they’re kidnapped by the group of men about to walk through the diner’s front door.

Quinn Matthews’ life is simple and safe, exactly how she likes it—until Reid Lucas walks into the diner. Now, she and her son are running for their lives, and she has no idea why. But when the father of her son shows up and dies saving them, she realizes they all have one deadly connection: Joe Lockhart. Now, she’ll have to trust the mysterious private investigator to not only save their lives but connect her past to her present so they can figure out who is after them. And why.

As the danger escalates, unexpected feelings arise. Reid doesn’t believe he’s worthy of Quinn’s love–or God’s. And Quinn is too worried about having her heart broken again and the effect of having a new man in her son’s life. Can they let go of their preconceived notions of love and relationships, or are they doomed to just let go of each other?


That’s it for tonight.

Happy Reading tomorrow.

Good night y’all April 19, 2022

A quick goodnight will have to do for another daily post. I was distracted again and I wrecked my right thumb overworking it in my office today were it wasn’t all that warm. We will see what morning brings, if I can keep it warm long enough.

Here is my current read.

Hayden McCarthy knows firsthand the pain when justice is not served. It’s why she became an attorney and why she’s so driven in her career. When she’s assigned a wrongful death case against the government, she isn’t sure if it’s the lucky break she needs to secure a partnership—or an attempt to make sure she never gets there.

Further complicating matters is Andrew, her roommate’s distractingly attractive cousin. But Andrew’s father is a Congressman, and Hayden’s currently taking on the government. Could the timing be any worse?

The longer she keeps the case active, the higher the stakes become. Unknown enemies seem determined to kill the case—or her. Logic and self-preservation would indicate she should close the case. But how can she, when justice is still just beyond her reach?


It is tense if we think too hard about the evil players.

Hope it doesn’t keep me awake.


Bargain books April 13, 2022

It’s been a crazy day. We were excited because spring was happening and the snow was nearly gone … until this morning. We woke up to the results of another big storm moving in and it looks like it will be hanging around for a few more days. The whole world is covered in snow again, the heavy wet sloppy kind. I’ve been putting off grocery shopping and the promise of more snow is a great motivator. There is food in the cupboards, let the storm do it’s thing.

On top of that we have books. We are ready.

BookBub has a great suggestion. I’m hooked on the first chapter.

Vendetta (The Nikki Boyd Files Book #1)

No one needs to push Nikki Boyd to excel on the Tennessee Missing Persons Task Force. The case of her own missing sister, still unsolved after ten years, is the driving force in her work. When a Polaroid photo of a missing girl shows up at a crime scene, Nikki quickly recognizes similarities to the past. The closer she gets to the abductor, the more she feels this case has become personal, and she is not the hunter . . . but the hunted.

With this explosive first book in The Nikki Boyd Files, award-winning author Lisa Harris takes you on a fast-paced pursuit of justice that will have you holding your breath until the heart-stopping finish.


1531 Entertainment has a FREE suggestion from an author we’ve not seen before.

The Loophole in Lilies: A small-town, Christian romance (Hometown Holiday Heartstrings Book 4)

Let her stubborn but oh-so-dreamy neighbor remain single? Not on her watch. If only he weren’t her perfect match.

Kendra Keller prides herself in her matchmaking prowess until she tries to set up Dusty Williams. He has a knack for derailing her plans while making her weak in the knees. She knows when she’s not wanted, though, and has no desire for a repeat heartbreak.

Dusty has been dodging Kendra for months. She talks too much. Plus, all she wants is to play matchmaker, and he’s not interested. He has a more pressing problem, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. But when Kendra moves in across the way, there’s no more avoiding.

As Dusty discovers she’s not so bad—maybe even meant to be—can he admit his attraction when he’s at his lowest? He may be the only one who can make Kendra believe she has more to offer a man than mere matchmaking.


I’m soon to be finished my current read and this first book has a good chance at being my next one. I’m looking forward to it already.

Have a good day folks…

and Happy Reading

Read and enjoyed April 12, 2022

It was a profitable weekend, reading wise, and this first book was my favorite. Aside from the fact it was a well written story, my favorite part was the wealth of undiscovered secrets. And they weren’t restricted to the usual select few characters either.

My other all time favorite part was the fresh story line. This one had the new-and-exciting fibe going on, big time. As things progressed I had suspicions in a few cases but it wasn’t enough, the ending was a big surprise.

I loved the flow of this unpredictable story.

Woman in Shadow

A woman off the grid.

Darby Graham thinks she’s on a much-needed vacation in remote Idaho to relax. But before she even arrives at the ranch, an earthquake strikes. Then a barn on the edge of town is engulfed in flames and strange problems at the ranch begin to escalate, and Darby finds herself immersed in a chilling mystery.

A town on fire.

More fires erupt around town, and a serial arsonist sends taunting letters to the press after each. As a forensic linguist, this is Darby’s area of expertise . . . but the scars her work has caused her are also the reason she’s trying to escape her life.

A growing darkness.

As the shadows continue moving in, pieces of the town around her come into sharper focus. To make it out alive, Darby must decide if she can trust the one man who sees her clearly.


Three more good choices this weekend, all of them immensely enjoyed.

I wasn’t sure at first if I would like all three or if maybe they would be strong reminders of other stories. There were certain familiar elements, all right, but over all they were new stories and I had a good time reading them.

How can you tell reading was the main event at my house this weekend.

I’m almost halfway through the next read but it isn’t real long and will go by fast. I think I’ll wait for the end before you telling about it.

The usual book suggestions were non existent today, tomorrow could make up for it though.

In the meantime…

Happy Reading