This and that March 18, 2022

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This is one of those days when I have nothing on my mind to say so I’ll just start talking and see what happens.

I know I mentioned this yesterday but I can’t get over how quickly the snow melts when the temperature rises to zero and the hot sun shines brightly. The sun really is hot here. It’s crazy. It can be freezing and short sleeves still work when you are standing in the sun.

With these bright days the furnace has hardly been on and at one point today the inside temp was 74 F. At the moment (9:45) it is still 71.

Another thing that is crazy? I measure inside temps and fever temps in Fahrenheit and outside temps in Celsius. I measure mileage in kilometers and fuel in litres, fabric and everything else in inches and yards, and food in pounds and ounces – sort of. It seems like I have an identity crisis. I probably do but I’m not planning on resolving it anytime soon. I’m happy just the way I am. Probably because I wasn’t thrilled with the whole change to metric in the first place. This mixed up system is my mini rebellion.

On to another favorite topic – books. I haven’t been doing well with my book a day goal. Two reasons, mainly. I’ve been busier at work as my workload has increased. I’ve very happy about this for multiple reasons. On top of that, I’ve once again been spending time watching live streams of the people’s convoy, this time in Maryland USA.

I’ve been following ZOT You Tube channel, Charlotte is the host and she does an amazing job. Everyone LOVES her. She loves people, and she is fearless. This causes a great deal of anxiety among her viewers, as well as the people she hangs out with on the ground. Everyone is looking out for her and they let her know. They pay attention to where she is, who she’s with, and what she does or doesn’t eat. This probably makes her even safer. Today she streamed for over twelve hours. From the time she left her hotel until she closed her car door to go back.

This beautiful girl is amazing and, she has publicly shared – she is nineteen.

I tune in, leave it on in the back ground all day, and stop by to watch when ever I have a few moments, or hours. They have been doing a peaceful protest for about three weeks. Everyday they drive what is called the beltway, around the capital. That’s it. Drive the route and then back to the speedway in Hagerstown MD. The authorities know the plan every day and they stick to it, no surprises. There are a few counter protesters who try to provoke a fight but it hasn’t worked. Today there were people in a field throwing large bricks of some sort on the road, One of the trucks was hit and suffered radiator damage. The big trucks with him all stopped for support. Live streamers caught it all on video and they were able to identify the perpetrators. These guys couldn’t have gone far (which doesn’t seem all that smart) because the police were able to arrest them easily. Charlotte was in one of the lead trucks so we got to see this happening.

It was a long day.

They arrived back to a noisy speedway. There were time trials going on for the big race coming up next weekend. The guys in her chat were urging her to go see the cars, her welfare in mind-caregivers were saying go eat first. She opted for food first but it was challenging because there are always people at every turn waiting to talk to her. It’s a bad thing and a good thing. She is very gracious to everyone.

Charlotte was a newbie at live streaming when she started taking daily shifts with the convoy in Ottawa Her progress has been amazing. She has a gift for relating to people and drawing out their stories. I can see a future for her in journalism if she ever decides to go that route.

The protests have been peaceful in both places and the amazing thing out of it is – love wins. A soft answer turns away wrath is really true. Hatred is confused by love. We watched this happen in both places and it was encouraging.

The other awesome thing coming out of this is the changing relationship between the US and Canada. On a grass roots level.

On a personal/individual level we’ve had good relationships across the border. As a body/country, in general, we were neighbors with a passing acquaintance. With all of the events over the last four months we are becoming neighbors with a strong friendship. It’s amazing to watch it unfold. To hear people expressing such love and appreciation is a very emotional experience. Watching ZOT for hours we get to see these expressions over and over.

How can you tell I am just a little bit wound up by all of this.

I watched the goings-on in Ottawa til the end (hoping there will be more) and I will watch Hagerstown to the end too. It gives me, and others, hope in this crazy time.

Well, it seems I could go on and on but…

I’ll save some for next time.

There are many live streamers out there, start with ZOT and you will see others pop up too. Check them all out.

Happy reading, and viewing.

“Sunday Scriblings” Prompt – Strawberries

Each week Sunday Scribblings issues a prompt looking to inspire submissions, it has been awhile since inspiration last hit me. Today the prompt is strawberries and I have a TON of strong memories for these little balls of deliciousness.

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Earliest memories have me in a large field picking for a farmer who needed help getting his crop in. The plants grow close to the ground and it’s not the easiest job n the world but it was good experience for a young kid. My first official job, other than in the field picking, was on the belt in a processing plant picking the unacceptable berries off the line before they were washed and frozen. At least there we were standing, much better in so many ways.

Over the years I’d still visit farmer’s field but to pick for myself this time. We’d freeze them for winter. Some whole, some sliced ready for strawberry shortcake or ice cream with strawberries. So good. They didn’t all make it to the freezer though, they were wonderful fresh and we couldn’t resist eating our fill. The best of the berries went in the freezer but the rest went into jam jars. There is nothing like homemade jam.

I did a lot of canning and freezing over the years but life moves on. Now it’s easier to pick them up at the grocery store with seasonal availability no longer an issue.

Raspberries were a big part of my life too, for all the same reasons, but I liked strawberries so much better. Still do. Probably because raspberries were so much easier to grow and the abundance was a burden sometimes. And they aren’t as sweet.

So many good memories. I could go for some right about now. All this talk is making me hungry for sweet strawberries.

Free book February 17, 2022

The first and only suggestion is from BookBub, an author we have seen a few times. It is FREE.

Roping the Wrangler: Wyoming Legacy (Wind River Hearts Book 6)

The spinster schoolmarm makes a match...

Teacher Sarah Hansen has always wanted a family of her own. But a cowboy is the last man she’d consider—especially one who humiliated her in their childhood schoolroom. Oscar White is back in her life, and all grown up. He’s different than she remembers but that doesn’t mean she can trust him.

When three motherless girls are shunned by the community, Sarah and Oscar are the ones who step up to take on their care. As they work together, Sarah discovers that Oscar isn’t afraid of hardship—and that he makes quite a family man. Can the soft heart Sarah has been hiding tame the wrangler?


I’ve been spending a lot of time keeping up with what’s happening in Ottawa Canada and the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy, and abandoning books.

Here is the current live stream I’m watching. Ottawalks on You Tube. They are having quite the snowstorm. It is wet compare to our dry snow. It accumulates so much faster than ours here in the center of Canada.

These videos have disabused us of a few false rumors too so it all good.

Happy reading, and maybe viewing too

Found it, February 15, 2022

One of the videos I wanted to share earlier but couldn’t find showed up on a popular followed site. Dr. Steve Turley is another well known American figure supporting the tyranny fight wherever it shows up in the world.

This video is this morning’s Trucker news conference with an update and encouragement for the troops. Reassuring and informative. The convoy is highly organized and committees have been appointed for every aspect of daily life. This group is one of them.

In an official two language country we hear everything in both English and French. Just sayin’.

I haven’t checked for new book suggestions yet today but I will. You will hear from me if anything interesting shows up.

I’m currently watching Ottawalks live stream. It’s a beautiful day.

No political commentary, he just walks and does an excellent job at filming.

Later guys.

Dreams and all that December 18, 2021

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I’m writing this in an effort to work my way out of this morning’s brain fog. There are many things on my mind these days but nothing coherent. Not clear enough to write a decent post anyway and I’m in a fix.

Some of this extra brain activity was showing up in crazy dreams this morning. But what do they mean? That’s the mystery. I was sitting here at the dinning room table looking out the narrow window by the front door when a delivery man from the country of residence for my son walked up, turned the knob and entered. I had no idea who he was, why he was here, or if I should be afraid. I screamed anyway and woke up.

Two nights ago I decided it was time to change sides of the bed. I have been sleeping on the same side for decades and was rather attached. I’ve entertained the thought of moving many times over the years but it was never an attractive idea. This time I made the decision and suddenly it has become a life changing moment. I have no idea why. I feel like I’m taking off on a new adventure.

The reason for the change was nothing earth shattering, it was simply to make use of the unused quarters of the mattress that were still like new.

I’m enjoying this sense of a new chapter in my life. I have no idea what it means or what it will look like but that doesn’t dampen the sense of anticipation.

So back to the dreams.

When overnight visitors come to my house and are shown to their room they automatically turn left to mine, which is kind of funny because they can’t see in the room yet. So, my door is closed, I open it to go in and someone has taken over my room, sleeping in my spot. What am I supposed to do now? Rather than try to boot them out I closed the door and left. I need to work on that.

Then, a recurring dream popped up.

I’m living in a big house. The main floor is large but the downstairs is larger. It has six or eight bedrooms, the floor plan is divided up into three main areas, each distinct from the other. All of them interesting and unique. I’ve dreamed about this house many times. No idea why.

Maybe all this dream activity is related to my son, his wife and daughter. They are planning a trip home for an extended visit after a number of years away. Their boys arrived in September and are living with their aunt, uncle, and cousins. Usually the family settles on the west coast using it as home base. Maybe this time they will settle here in the middle of the country. Maybe it will be my turn to host them.

We will likely find out tonight on our regular zoom call.

Instead of falling back to sleep I should have stayed up this morning after turning up the heat.

But then I would have missed out on all the fun dreams.

There were more but I’m sparing you the details.

OK, I’m awake now, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. I should get ready to see what else the day can hold.

We will talk books in the next post.

An aerial view of the flooding in my home town

The area is south western British Columbia, Canada. They had unprecedented rainfall last week and the damage is crazy. The number of people stranded is staggering too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the helicopter ride. Maybe you will too. The first town is Abbotsford, I’ve lived there twice. East of the flooding is Chilliwack. I was born and raised there. Further east is a small town of Hope. It is the junction town between three highways. One travels east and two travel north. I’ve spent many hours driving all of them. I love the mountains. That’s what I miss the most where I live now. On the prairies of southern Manitoba province. Flat, flat, flat.

I’m happy to be living anywhere. And I have family here. I do love seeing home though, I have to say.

There is a second video of other parts of BC, I haven’t watched it yet but if it’s as good as the first one it will be well worth the watch.


They will travel where there is snow on the mountains. It will be beautiful.

I hope you love this a much as I do.

One bargain book October 09, 2021

BookBub has a bargain suggestion I’m excited to read. I’m not always a big fan of historical fiction but this one caught my interest as I read the first chapter. I predict this will not be a boring read.

The Queen’s Handmaid

A jealous Egyptian queen.
A lascivious Galilean governor.
How can one servant girl possibly make a difference

An orphan since birth, Lydia lives in the palace at the demand of Cleopatra and her royal child, the son of Julius Caesar.

But Lydia’s beauty is becoming a liability to the aging queen, and the visiting Herod’s undisguised interest in Lydia only makes matters worse.

When Lydia’s mentor is murdered, the handmaid inherits a daunting task. An ancient set of sealed scrolls, the secret writings of the prophet Daniel, must be returned to Jerusalem–before those who killed her mentor destroy the scrolls as well.

Lydia joins Herod the Great’s retinue and soon becomes absorbed in the machinations of his Jerusalem palace.

But dark forces, older than Jerusalem itself, are at work.

And Lydia has no idea of the true nature of her destiny.


Check this out, you may like it as much as I do. At least as much as I expect to like it. I’ve only read one book with this author back in 2015, or so Amazon tells me, and this will be an adventure. So far so good though.

Happy Reading!

I wonder… October 08, 2021

Have you ever wondered?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the craziness of the power struggle that seems to be going on in the world right now.

For my whole life (and you all know that’s been many decades long) I’ve heard loud voices talking about a power hungry leader that would rise up wanting to take over the whole world and rule it with a single government. Those loud voices also predicted terrible things were going to happen to everyone the new ruler viewed as enemies.

I’m not saying whether I do or don’t believe in that prediction, although the way things are happening right now, you have to wonder.

Tonight a thought occurred to me, one that has never entered my mind until now.

Are we supposed to stand and fight or just let it happen?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard it said in so many words but it seems to have been assumed to be inevitable. The world would be taken over and destruction would happen. We would mostly be killed and if not we would have to wait for a “prince” to ride in on a beautiful stallion, carrying a mighty sword to slay the wicked ruler and rescue us.

We’ve always assumed that but…

I was thinking about another proclamation I’ve heard all my life, also spoken by many voices. We were supposed to “grid up our loins” put on “our armor” and fight against the “rulers of the air.”

How does that fit with accepting the inevitable?

I’m not an academic. I haven’t studied all of these ideas and how they all fit together.

I’m just wondering; are we supposed to sit and wait to be rescued or are we supposed to stand up and do what we can to make a difference?

For a few weeks I’ve been wondering if things are happening like they are to push us out of our lethargy.

Maybe we are supposed to stand up and grow a spine?

As kids we used to sing “God’s got an army marching through the land…” Who are they? Where are they?

Maybe we’ve assumed wrongly?

Maybe we are supposed to join the “army?”

Just wondering.


My “twin” brothers. You can see where my grandsons get their height.

My heroes. To me they look like they would each be saying “don’t mess with my sister.”

A little clarification October 05, 2021

A friend asked me for clarification on my Outing Myself post. I did consider the possibility in using the outing term that some minds would quickly go where her’s did. There are a few reasons why my friends minds would. Partly because of the most common usage for the term, but mostly because many of them know there are no men in my life and haven’t been for decades. I’m sure some people wonder.

If there were to be a romantic interest in my life it would be a man. Despite an abusive childhood and a not so great adulthood, it is still the choice I’d make.

On the other hand though, when thoughts of sharing my life with a man pass through my mind, the shadowy image that pops into my head is one I immediately run away from. I know, I know, there are good men out there somewhere. They are all taken. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Back to the original question. Aside from being “click bait” (made you look!) I felt like the term applied to my situation. I was hiding who I was, on my blog. On purpose. The decision to change that on the blog felt like a coming out. (everyone on Facebook already knew, no secret there)

Agree or disagree with my assessment, that’s how I felt.

I think secrets are like that. The longer we keep them the bigger they become in our minds. Going public with them, even if it’s only to one person, releases the power they have over us.

That’s why I felt relief. I’m an old lady, let the chips fall where they may.

Although, according to new information, with people living longer and all, I still have a few more years to refer to myself as middle-aged. Who’da thought! lol

Don’t tell anyone. I’m an over thinker. What can I say.


My current read. I loved the first book with Pepper Basham, I’m starting book 2 with Cara Putman