Bargain books Part two November 22, 2021

One more quick post. Another email showed up with several good looking suggestions. This one is from 1531 Entertainment.

Cowboys & Protective Ways: Western Romance (Baker Brothers of Copper Creek Book 1)

A waitress hiding from drug-dealers. The cowboy who vows to protect her. What could go wrong?

Ian Baker fell in love with Jessica the first time he saw her waitressing at the town diner. But he’s a true cowboy and won’t make a move since she’s spoken for. Even if it is by a drug-dealing, weasel of a boyfriend.

Life hasn’t been easy for Jessica who grew up poor in the beautiful town of Copper Creek. Her low self-esteem has her feeling lucky that she has a job, and a boyfriend, regardless of how bad he is.

Then one day, Ian’s diner visit becomes much more than apple pie and coffee. While he’s there, Jessica witnesses a serious incident between her boyfriend and his thug friends. Now she’s in danger. That’s when Ian makes a crazy split-second decision to swoop her up and take her to his ranch. 


Run: Christian mystery and romantic suspense

From corporate America to overseas intrigue, from small towns to Urban sprawl, from farms to raging rivers these romantic suspenses will keep you on the edge of your seat, breathless, far into the night.

Nine gripping stories full of faith, danger, and a dash of romance.


This collection won’t be a short read, it has 1700 pages. Awesome.

I hope you checked out the videos in my last post. The second one with snow capped rugged mountains was spectacular. It was a helicopter training run for an Australian visitor, practicing landings on snow covered peaks.

Up close and personal with 5 or 6 mountain peaks.

The first video is spectacular too, in a different sort of way, with flooded farmland and overflowing rivers.

Happy Reading y’all

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