Who knew

Oh my goodness, who knew it would take this much work to load the new Kindle with the books still on the old one.

(To bring everyone up to speed after the fact; my Kindle developed fatal issues and had to be replaced. The new one arrived yesterday and the unsuccessful attempt to load it with the same books took most of the day)

Syncing would probably work if I knew how to do it. The only reason I don’t know how is because I resist sameness. I like to think that different devices fill different functions, so I have steadfastly resisted.

Besides, it did not enter my mind ti think it would be this big a deal. Oh well, live and learn.

I haven’t accomplished the original goal and sadly, nothing is in the same order.

It has been a good chance though to reassess what’s read and what’s not. Many have been read but appear as not for some reason.

It’s also turned out to be a good paring down. There were 275 books on the current device but a fraction of those have ended up on the new one. It’s not a bad thing, I have to say.

The new long term goal is to have every book properly flagged.

The other thing I learned? The insane length of time the battery is supposed to last between charges, does not apply to me.

My current read is a book I don’t even remember downloading.

Ghost of a Girl: A Novelette in The Good Shadows Series

Out of time, must go.

I’ll say more about all this later.

Happy Reading

P.S. I had to write something, anything, to keep from breaking my posting streak 🙂

Thanks for your patience!

Isn’t the update feature great?!

P.P.S. the book I was reading is YA and was much better than I thought at first. There aren’t actually any ghosts, the whole idea is the figment of a teenage imagination.

Pretty cover.

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