Free and bargain books July 03, 2021 Part Two

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us.

Love in Independence (Holiday Mail Order Brides Book 6)

Amazon quote:

They say love covers a multitude of sins, and for matchmakers Mercy, Martha, and Maude, it’s a good thing! Fearing the town’s new pastor is lonely, they decide to take matters into their own hands, and order him a mail order bride! Imagine his surprise when he finds out? Only he doesn’t! Mercy, Martha, and Maude see to that!

Winnie Longfellow has spent years caring for her sick mother, and now that she’s passed, has nowhere to go but her Aunt Eugina’s. But her aunt has other things on her mind, other problems to deal with, and so Winnie accepts a proposal from a pastor out west looking for a mail order bride. Little did she know, he was looking for so much more, anything more! He had no idea he’d sent for one! Now Winnie finds herself at the mercy of three madcap matrons, determined that love will find a way. Despite multiple misunderstandings, a horrid bully/gossip, and a woman she’s sure her intended will marry instead of her, Winnie discovers some things about herself, and finds that love really does find its way …


An interesting bargain collection turned up on the author’s page. Seven books. This looks like it will be fun.

Albert: Angel Box Collection One 

Amazon quote:

Albert the angel is on assingment!

Because let’s face it, sometimes romance needs a little help …

Albert, Angel Box Collection One, is made up of Kit Morgan’s books where Albert the Angel and his friends appear. Albert and his fellow angels are hard at work in these stories and do their best to make sure their charges have a Happily Ever After. Whether they’re working in historical times or contemporary, Albert and his friends always get their man, not to mention their woman, together! This collection includes:

Reading the Rancher: Can an heiress on the run and an illiterate cowboy have enough in common to have a chance at love? Albert thinks so! And it’s up to him and his special friend Bob to make sure Hattie Dodge and Cooper White do just that. But matchmaking isn’t without its problems, even for an angel.

Caring for the Cowboy: Albert’s angel friend, Myrtle, must try to give two people with nothing the most important thing of all: Love. But can she do it? Maja Van Dyne has been abused and unloved by her father for too long. Will she ever escape him?  And Baxter Hicks … well, let’s just say poor Baxter has problems of his own.

Redeeming the Rogue:  Atticus Judrow was a bounty hunter with a reputation for bringing in men more dead than alive. Though raised by a good family, he felt himself slipping into a life he wasn’t sure he could escape once he slid too far. Can the innocence and purity of one woman set him on the right path? With a little help from Albert’s friend Agatha, perhaps!

Watching the Wrangler: Arabella Simpson’s family lived a nomadic life. Now they were in Creede, Colorado and it was no different than other place they’d stayed and high-tailed it out of. But, she had to admit, the scenery was beautiful and in more ways than one. If she didn’t stop watching the wrangler at the neighboring ranch, they might have to vamoose for a reason other than her father’s gambling habit. Can two people determined not to fall in love find it? Maybe with a little help from one of Albert’s friend, Hansel, they can …

Nursing the Newcomer: Angel Thorne came to Creede to escape the matrimonial wiles of her aunt. But being a nurse in a place like Creede has its own trouble. Like everywhere else, no one can see past her pretty face, which makes Angel figure on a lifetime of spinsterhood. After all, she wants a man that will love her for her mind as well. Will she ever find such a man? Albert thinks so and sends his fastidious friend Louise to help.

Holidays with the Weavers: Albert and his friend Bob have their work cut out for them on this one. Olivia Bridger has a past, but darn if she can remember it. After being robbed, beaten and left for dead in a ditch, she’s found and taken in by the Weaver family. A family that knows her past … and wished they didn’t. And they’re not the only ones. Albert has met Olivia before, in Cutter’s Creek, Montana while on assignment there. True, Olivia was much younger, but she never grew out of the nastiness that took hold of her then. Can the Weaver family and Albert help Olivia find true love? 

A Cowboy for Christmas: Amy Jo Weaver wasn’t looking for love, just an apartment. So when she saw an ad for one on the bulletin board at a café in Apple Blossom, she grabbed it. Better yet, the ad wasn’t for an apartment, but a cottage! And what a cottage it was too. Now her dreams of being out on her own were underway! The only fly in the ointment was her new landlord and her family wasn’t about to let her forget it. Can Albert’s friend Hattie along with a few towns people nudge Amy Jo and her landlord in the right direction?


This is awesome, we are on a roll with good books today. What are the chances there will be even more?

I’ll let you know if there are.

Happy Reading!

… on this warmish day at my house.

31 C feels like 34, not all that bad.

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