Free and bargain books July 01, 2021

My new Kindle is out for delivery, I’m so excited. It should be here anytime now. My current Kindle is about to draw it’s last breath, either that or explode in flames. Given the bizarre symptoms it’s been displaying in the last 24 hours, my money is on flames. Recharging happens only in dire emergencies. Twice a day.

Back to books.

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us, A multi award winning book. It was first published in 2000, I don’t think I’ve read it but I could have. I was reading this author back then.

The Shepherd’s Voice: A Novel 

Amazon quote:

Gabe Talmadge languished in prison for ten years, convicted of a horrible crime. Now free, he’s unable to find work in the midst of the Great Depression. In desperation, he returns home to Ransom, Idaho, hoping his uncaring father will give him food and shelter, if not love. But the prodigal isn’t welcomed home. Hudson Talmadge, who virtually owns the town, despises his son as much as ever, and Gabe is as powerless as an adult as he was as a child to win his father’s approval.

Hungry and hopeless, Gabe is rescued by the owner of a sheep ranch south of Ransom. Incredibly, Akira Macauley gives him a place to live and work to do. More than that, she gives him hope that he can receive forgiveness of his past – and perhaps even love. But when tragedy strikes Ransom once again and Gabe’s life begins to unravel, he must either sink into an abyss of hopelessness or cling to a faith, hope, and love stronger than any he has ever known.


A pre-order bargain suggestion for an author I’ve not read, showed up in the suggestion strip. I think I’ll take a chance, it sounds interesting.

Treasure Me: A sweet, clean, and faith-filled small-town Christmas romance

Amazon quote:

She wanted to stay. But putting down roots meant believing forever was possible.

Never in the same place for more than a season, Aubrey Gibson enjoyed the freedom her food truck business brought. With plans to join a major West Coast market dashed, she agrees to a quiet holiday season pet sitting at the local animal shelter for her veterinary technician friend. She can still serve a limited menu in the evenings at the local Christmas bazaar. But the rest she craved turns to anything but when she meets Shane Vaughn and finds herself tangled in all the charm and drama a small town has to offer.

Everyone knew the tragedy of the Vaughn Family Tree Farm. Full time computer IT programmer Shane Vaughn stays busy this time of year keeping family tradition alive by selling trees and coordinating the Chapel Cove Christmas bazaar. When a mama dog is abandoned on his property, the last person he expects to answer his call is Aubrey. Thrown together by chance and choice, Shane can’t help but enjoy the budding friendship, but he’s put down roots he can’t tear up and she’ll be long gone by New Year’s.


That’s all I’ve got at the moment.

As far as a current read goes, I’m having trouble settling on one. The book I’m checking out at the moment is a K9 story. The jury is still out, but maybe.

Someone’s out to end her life.

Can the K-9 unit shield her from harm?

Evidence from forensic specialist Darcy Fields could convict a killer—if she survives to testify.

A killer seems determined to discredit her, frighten her…and silence her, permanently.

Hounded by the press and stalked by a murderer, Darcy must depend on Officer Jackson Davison and his K-9 partner, Smokey, as danger inches nearer and the trial date closes in.


Happy Reading!

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