Free Books October 13, 2019

Awesome results this morning…. searching Amazon for free books. I have to admit, it took great restraint to cut off downloads after only twelve.

Many of them are novellas this time, 150ish pages or so. Normally I go for full length novels but shorter is fun sometimes.

All but three of these are new to me, both the book and the author, so I can’t guarantee what they are like. I did try to be selective in this search, though, so hopefully most are worth the read. They looked enticing enough for me to take a chance anyway. Three, I’ve downloaded before (2013 – 2016) but don’t remember much so I’ll revisit them as well.


Summer of DreamsA Search for RefugeAn Awakened Heart


Free to LoveToward the SunriseStarboard Secrets


He used a stoneLove and RedemptionA Lady of Esteem


The Way of GraceA Rose Blooms TwiceThe Envelope

Oops.. there were 13

An Unexpected Family









I’m excited to check these out. I’m hoping you are feeling a little bit inspired too.

Happy Reading






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