Free book October 16, 2019

One FREE book, so far, today maybe there will be more later

Callie comes to us courtesy of the BookRunes daily email.


This shows up on my Amazon download list as a book from 2015. It definitely looks familiar although I can’t bring up a solid memory of reading it.

The first few paragraphs of the online preview, to refresh my memory, has me sending it to my kindle. I’m hooked with the first page.

I’ve learned that Callie is traumatized over memories surrounding the death of a small child. It happened many years before and for some reason she feels guilty over her part in it. Not sure what yet, but something has happened to resurrect the circumstances of  this tragedy, bringing the fallout forward into her present day.

With reservations for a special dinner out Callie’s husband is encouraged, the ambiance is working just as he hoped it would… a distraction.

In an instant the magical evening is destroyed.  The sight of a man heading to a table across the room has Callie running from the restaurant as if she’s seen a ghost.

This book is next up for me… I need to know what happened.


Happy Reading!


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