The day we said good bye September 08, 2022

I think I will forever remember the day Queen Elizabeth died. On my daughter’s birthday, today.

I remember Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip visiting Canada when I was living in British Columbia many years ago. I’m not sure what year though, they made a number of visits and I can’t tell which one it would have been. I was young and it made quite an impression on me, I do remember that.

There is no doubt about it. This is the end of an era. She is an impossible act to follow, an amazing woman gifted in a way few are. She was a queen, through and through, it wasn’t something assumed when out in public and hung in the closet when arriving home.

It looks like those coming behind will be assuming a role, it is not who they already are. Sad for us and for them.

Life changes and the world moves on, maybe culture is becoming such that a monarchy – king/queen is no longer needed the way it once was. Maybe a role play will be enough to do the job.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II, we will remember you with a lifetime of respect and appreciation.

LIFE Queen Elizabeth: 70th Jubilee

Out an about, she was a classy lady. At home with her dogs she was real, with her rubber boots and earthy toned heavy coat. Comfortable both ways. Remarkable.

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