Read & Enjoyed end of August editon

Despite a bundle of good intentions to share more often with fewer books and more comments, it hasn’t happened and the backlog is large once again. The need to clear the deck means a streamlined post is the only way to go.

There couldn’t be awesome comments about these books even if there was room or time. Most of them are forgotten once I’ve immersed myself in the next story. I do know they were all liked. Some more than others but still, all liked. I know this because, while there were some that were not well liked, they have been removed. This seemed like a strategic idea to keep me from having to guess as I share.

I feel sorry for not remembering more of the stories I read but then I think about awesome meals I’ve eaten. I don’t remember most of them either.

So here we are, in no particular order. Some may be repeats of the last read & enjoyed post as at that time they didn’t allow me to remove the download without deleting it. I guess I must read faster than the algorithm expected.

Definitely all read and enjoyed.


Currently I’m about to read …

Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce: the complete series

Having previously read book one in this series I get to go straight to book two. Very helpful when there are five books to be read. Two pages in I must say we are off to an intense start.


Happy reading….

on this cheerful day… no matter that there is a thunder storm and it’s pounding down with rain. The garden and lawns will be happy.

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