Bargain book today August 26, 2020

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us this afternoon. $0.99

His Secret Mission – Book 7 (After, New Beginnings & The Excellence Club)

Amazon quote:

Former Secret Service agent Hunter Huddleston worked to keep his professional and personal lives very separate—reducing chances of being targeted and ensuring the safety of his family. Suddenly leaving his beloved job at the Secret Service, for publicly undisclosed reasons, he struggles to deal with how he fell in love with his former charge—the First Daughter Susan Wells—who is off limits, way above his class, and highly protected. Worse still, as she tries to bridge the gap between them, he finds out that there are people to whose benefit it was that she remain unattached.

When a series of murders leave Hunter as the only witness—and prime suspect—will Susan’s father, President Wells, accept Hunter’s innocence and allow him to marry his daughter?

Or will the triple label of having an ex-convict in his family, being a suspect in murder investigations, and mixing a professional encounter with personal interests, cost him his future, the love of his life, and land him behind bars?

First Daughter Susan Wells has lived most of her life securely protected behind high walls, vigilant eyes, and classy facades. She longed to meet and marry a man who was down-to-earth, God-fearing, and real. When she met agent Hunter Huddleston, beyond his handsome appearance, she knew he had everything she’d ever wanted in a man. But regulations dictating his expected professional conduct force them into a tough choice. And just then, they discover that danger—and threats to their love and union—were not far behind.


An interesting bargain book collection is calling my name.

The Kavanagh Brothers Series Books 1-3

Amazon quote:

Teagan: Cowboy Strong
The day Teagan Kavanagh proposed he was told to leave and never come back. That was before the Civil War. Now Teagan is puzzled as to why the Maguire cattle are on his ranch. He rides to their ranch and finds Gemma alone, living in a falling down house. He is further confused when she accuses him of buying her ranch and having her evicted.
Gemma Maguire held on during the war, doing without, she paid off the mortgage on the ranch. Now she’s told that her husband Richard gambled away everything she had and to make matters worse, he was already married. Without a safe to live, she goes to the Kavanagh Ranch.
Gemma is determined to marry a widower with children who might be desperate to overlook her mistake in marrying. She’s hoping for a marriage of convenience; she’s never going to allow another man to touch her. Everywhere she goes, Teagan is there, and she’s had enough.
Old family secrets and hard to believe truths keep Gemma and Teagan apart but there is an incredible pull between their hearts. Can they have a second chance at love, or will this cowboy never get his bride?

Quinn: Cowboy Risk
Quinn Kavanagh is never going to risk his heart again. In fact, he doesn’t think he has a heart anymore. Everything he thought to be true wasn’t and now he is traveling trying to find a place where he fits.
If You Love Sweet, Inspirational, Historical Westerns Filled With Heroic Cowboys, Adventure, Mayhem and Marriage of Convenience, You’ll Be Enamored of Kathleen Ball’s Emotional, Faith-Based Books. She Also Writes Touching Mail-Order Brides Series Along with Exciting Oregon Trail Series.
Heaven Burke is about to be shot when Quinn arrives. He saves her then and again later that day in a shootout. A group of men don’t like that she rescues black boys who have nowhere to go. She can’t stay in her house it isn’t safe for her, her children or the baby that is due in a few months.
Quinn takes her to the Kavanagh ranch and fights fiercely to resist her goodness and her adorable children. Working together to make sure no child is sold or left to die they are constantly together.
Heaven has a heavy burden. She’s afraid of Quinn’s reaction when he finds out who fathered her baby. He knows the men in town taught her a lesson and left her for dead. She must tell him before he gets too attached and both of their hearts are broken. He is certain to walk away.

Brogan Cowboy Pride
Cowboy Brogan Kavanagh wants nothing better than to be left alone. Unfortunately, he’s left with no option and helps two women travelers. The Oldest spitfire, Ciara doesn’t trust him one bit and is constantly on her guard. Brogan is both amused and insulted by her attempts to keep him at arm’s length. He doesn’t want a woman in his life. What could go wrong?
Ciara Doyle has the weight of the world laying heavily on her shoulders. She is trying to get her and her sister Orla back to St. Louis after her parents died along the Oregon Trail. One wrong turn after another led her to Texas. Orla had been in an accident when she was fourteen and in her mind, she is forever fourteen.
They stop their wagon at a downed fence trying to make a plan but they are caught by Brogan who accuses them of ruining the fence to steal his horses. He realizes they are just down on their luck and short on supplies.
Brogan invites them to bring their wagon close to the house. Ciara accepts but with conditions. They will not accept charity, so they will work and there is to be no notions of anything improper. Brogan readily agrees after all he doesn’t trust people.


It’s a slow reading day for me and my current read is plodding along. Four new books added to the TBR list is progress though. It’s a good day.

Happy Reading

on this cloudy but warm Wednesday afternoon.

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