Free books August 19, 2020

Today is the day for short books. Snacks as opposed to full meals. Snacks always leave me wishing for more but the upside is the chance to sample authors. They are FREE too which fits in with this weeks resolution.

Mail Order Bride: Hannah’s Dilemma (The Mail Order Bride Express Book 1)

Hannah's Dilema

Amazon quote:

If Hannah doesn’t get out of Henson, Missouri fairly soon, she will find herself married to the local banker. A man that sends shudders down her spine at the very sight of him. So, when she reads Inez Pollard’s advertisement for The Mail Order Bride Express, she promptly applies and is accepted. On her way to Silver Ridge, Colorado, she is confident that she has left her troubles behind. But has she?

Ross Pollard is a man with a lot on his mind. And his mother’s crazy scheme to bring brides to Silver Ridge is just another problem for him to deal with. The last thing he needs to complicate his life is romance, but when he sets his eyes on Hannah Stillman, all of his resistance is bound to melt.

Hannah’s Dilemma is the first in a four book Mail Order Bride Series from Mary L. Briggs, author of the popular novella The Stagecoach Bride and The Chance Creek Brides Series.


Polarized Love Act One: (Single Again Book 3) 

Polarized love

Amazon quote:

A fun, romantic encounter on the shores of Rottnest Island, American Navy Chaplain meets feisty Australian news reporter to investigate the Quokka mystery.

Act One of Polarized Love. Six Chapters.






Brother’s Bride (Santa Fe Girls Book 1)

Brother's Bride

Amazon quote:

She rejected his marriage arrangement and created an enemy. Isabel thought she’d made a clever escape, but her past found her and calamity struck.

Two brothers, one in love and one obligated. Who has the heart daring enough to fight for Isabel and will he succeed?




My intentions were good, honest, I was planning to stick with snacks. I just couldn’t resist the sight of a delicious looking full meal when it showed up. I’ll quit with this one. Promise.

Not by Sight (Stone River Book 2)

Not by Sight

Amazon quote:


Emma Wyatt agrees to tutor a recently blinded, embittered soldier because of the $50,000 paycheck his brother offers. The job is an answer to many prayers. Blind herself, Emma dreams of independence and freedom away from her overprotective family. Tutoring Ian in all things “blind” isn’t easy, especially when the biggest challenge is not falling in love with a student who could hinder her dreams.


Good soldiers show no weakness. Ian MacGregor holds his battle with claustrophobia close to his chest, unsuccessfully trying to cope on his own. Ian knows duty, honor, serving his country. So why is he being punished with this very personalized hell?

As Ian struggles to strong-arm his phobia, his growing feelings for Emma are overshadowed by the danger lurking around them. Emma would be better off with someone else. Someone sighted.

Someone able to protect her from the person determined to keep them apart…


I’m looking forward to experiencing every one of these new books.

Happy Reading.

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