Lightning on a Quiet Night

Life gets a little uptight sometimes and I’d rather read than write. That’s my life these days. Can hardly bear to put my Kindle down. The awesome variety of downloads showing up in my emails only enables this over the top behavior. I’m having a good time but not much writing is happening.

I will apologize for posting this before everything in this list has a synopsis. Except I don’t really feel sorry. Sorry! This unfinished list has been around so long it’s turning grey.

I will tell you, I liked all of these books. Hope you do too. There is a good variety here, they are all  quite different.


Lightning on a Quiet Night  Lightning on a Quiet Night – Donn Taylor …. Beneficent, Mississippi views itself as a perfect town with perfect people. There is no crime and, until now, there has never been a murder. It’s a major shock to everyone. The killer has to be a visitor, someone passing through. It’s unthinkable this could be committed by a local.

Jack Davis believes the  town’s idyllic vision of itself and tries hard to convince Lisa Kemper that Beneficent really is perfect. Lisa’s new in town and skeptical. She doesn’t believe any place can be this perfect, there have to be secrets buried underneath the surface somewhere.

There are.

Her deadly inheritance  Jill Shepherd Suspense – Her Deadly Inheritance book 1 – Beth Ann Ziarnik … Jill fled seven years ago, after the untimely death of her mother. Now after all these years, her aunt Lenore is putting an application in motion to have her declared legally dead. She plans to claim the mansion and all it’s historical attributes for herself.

Jill’s uncle has always known she’s alive and is begging her to come back quickly, the company jet is waiting to bring her home.

Her return will be a shock. It could mean the end of his marriage. Can she bear that responsibility?

Clay Merrick is employed as a gardener/handyman but he is so much more than that. Former Special Forces, he is here tracking a murderer and is well on his way to having all the evidence he needs. When Jill shows up and the two stories intersect he is torn between loyalty to his case and a strong need to provide protection for her.

It turns out – Jill’s reappearance won’t be the only shock to this family.

You're the Cream in My Coffee Roaring Twenties Series – You’re the Cream in My   Coffee book 1 – Jennifer Lamont Leo …


This Daring Journey  Heart of the Mountains – This Daring Journey book 6 – Misty M Beller

A Million Miles From Home A Million Miles From Home – Mike Dellosso


In a Pirate's debt  In a Pirate’s Debt – Elva Cobb Martin

I’m hoping you feel inspired.

Happy Reading!






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