Free Books from LPC books Oct 02, 2019

I've been anxiously checking and re-checking email all day and it's finally here. The free books email from LPC (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) arrived this afternoon. I would be sad with only two new ones out of eight but with the massive free download yesterday... I'm good with it. The other six have been recently purchased, read, and mentioned. It's nice to see … Continue reading Free Books from LPC books Oct 02, 2019

The Shell Collector’s Daughter

There are many TV shows that could possibly qualify as one of my favorites. Touched by an Angel is one of them. A team of three angels is assigned to help a human in a difficult situation. They must appear undercover, assuming a persona and occupation that will allow them to become a regular part of life for their assignee. They're allowed to be friendly, … Continue reading The Shell Collector’s Daughter