Free books August 22, 2022

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us this time. It could be good. I’m not sure, but the price is right to give it a try.

Even Forever: A Clean Western Romance (Boulder Creek Romance Book 1)

The last thing Rosalie Tomkin wants is another man trying to control her life.

Rosalie’s abusive jailbird father and her ne’er-do-well brother have cured her of that. Not even the wealthy visitor staying in her beleaguered mother’s boarding house can tempt her. She plans to leave Boulder Creek as soon as she can scrape together the funds to do so, and when she does, she won’t ever look back.

Michael Randolph is in a high-stakes competition for the family business and intends to beat his half-brother, no matter what. So when an innocent encounter with Rosalie threatens to cost him everything he hopes to achieve, he’s willing to pay the price demanded by her no-good father. Even if it means marrying a damsel in distress.

Strangers placed in an impossible position, Michael and Rosalie can agree on one thing. Neither of them wants to stay together any longer than they must. What they don’t know is that fate might have a better future in store for them than either could imagine.


LPC Free Books has a FREE suggestion for us (they aren’t always free.) I’ve read other books by this author but I don’t believe I’ve read this one. Unless it was in a collection somewhere. It does sound a little familiar. I’ll give it a shot and see.

Mountain Man (Finding Love in the Blue Ridge Mountains Book 2) 

A “Briskin” had dared to trespass on forbidden Maxwell land—and that spells trouble.

Meera Briskin is determined to find out for herself whether the Maxwells are the unmitigated rogues she has been taught to hate. The long-standing feud between the two families that began three generations ago—the result of a chestnut tree blight brought in from the Far East—is still very much alive.

Posing as a participant at a writers’ conference held at the famous Chestnut Lodge, run by none other than Elliot Maxwell, Meera soon is caught in the web of her own deception. Should she admit to being a Briskin and face immediate expulsion? Or should she linger, knowing that with each passing day that her feelings for her enemy grow stronger?

There’s madness in these mountains—and in the heart of one Briskin daughter.


I’m moving on to the next read. This is my second try to find something to hold my attention. The first one was WWII era, I have read too many of them and find it’s not easy to engage anymore.

I think I’ll try a mystery instead.

Wow, it’s been on my list since April 2021, how did that happen? I’m guessing there were other Lyn Cote books in the recently read pile and I needed a change

Spring’s Storm: Clean Romance Mystery (Northern Intrigue Book 6) 

Thea’s new next door neighbor turns her small town and her life upside down.

Trace is handsome, successful and committed to helping others. He’s a mover and shaker. She’s a quiet piano teacher. Yet opposites attract, don’t they?

Bad things begin happening on Trace’s property and troublemakers compete with each other to stop him in his mission to provide a new place for kids.

All the while Thea is caught in the middle–between the people she’s known all her life and this new man in town. When and how will the nastiness end? And will it end before someone gets hurt? Badly?


Supper is sounding really good right about now.

Supper and a good book.

Happy Reading y’all

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