Free and bargain books August 01, 2022

LPC Free Books has a Free historical romance/mystery suggestion for us. This is book two in the series, we read and enjoyed book one several years ago.

I’ve added links as suggested by one of my followers, I hope it helps. Let me know in the comments.

Shadowed by a Spy (Suspicious Shores Book 2)

When Lexie Smithfield boards the early morning Long Island train to Manhattan in 1942, she feels safe having left the threat of danger behind her at Jekyll Island. Little does she know, the four men who boarded the train with her are Nazi spies sent to wreak havoc in the United States.

Did the so-called Smithfield family curse follow her to New York?

What will happen to Lexie when she innocently befriends one of the spies and gets involved in the spy ring? And with her fiance Russell overseas, who will protect her?


1531 Entertainment has a FREE suggestion. We’ve read and enjoyed this author but this is the first book we’ve seen in this series.

A Grave Secret: A clean police procedural full of action, mystery and suspense! (Star of Justice Series Book 3) 

How many college students will die before CJ stops the deadly menace?

Moonshine and fentanyl are wreaking havoc on her campus. One student already paid the ultimate price. As assistant chief of police, it’s up to CJ to rid the campus of the lethal threat. In the meantime, the body count goes up in nearby communities.

While CJ and her team work to discover the source of the illicit substances, another body is found. The murder points to a calculating drug lord from CJ’s past… and he plays for keeps. The name that’s haunted her dreams ignites her worst fears.

His deadly reign must end, but will the cost be more than CJ’s willing to pay?


There is also a bargain suggestion from an author new to us.

Of Horse and Rider: Hearts Unlocked Series 

Plans overheard, a bargain to devise…but is it playing with fire?

In 1849 Mercer County, Kentucky, beautiful Clara Stanton loses her sight, freedom, and fiance after a horse-riding accident. In the throes of her desperation, her family leaves her to recover in the capable hands of an elderly widow while they travel to England without her.

New minister, Daniel Merrick, weary from scandal, is unwittingly led by blind Clara into the most important mission of his life. But will she dare to soar beyond the limits those around her deem safe?


One thing led to another and we have a bargain pre-order book by the same author. I’ve not read this author but would like to take a chance on her.

Of Pens and Ploughshares: Hearts Unlocked

In a duel of words, the son and daughter of opposing politicians go head-to-head until their hearts collide…

At one time, Rachel Enger thought she loved Warren Kendrick, except he left without responding to a single letter. Now he’s returned home to help his father win the mayoral election opposite her father and that means war.

Their battle spills from the Op-Ed section of the local newspaper to engulf the town. Sparks fly, eggs thrown, and mayhem ensues. Not to mention Mrs. Taylor’s rampaging goose is on the loose. Desperate for a measure of peace, the community leaders give the pair an unexpected ultimatum: work together until the election.

Can Rachel and Warren unify the town or will their divide continue to break it apart?


This has turned out to be a good book day after all.

I hope some of these appeal to you too.

Enjoy and Happy Reading.

2 thoughts on “Free and bargain books August 01, 2022

  1. Very helpful to have the links to Amazon! It’s so much easier and I’m so much more likely to actually get the books I’m interested in! Thanks for adding this in! 🙂


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