Read and enjoyed, up to July 31, 2022

This first one was a great read. Realistic characters, facing real situations. Women doctors were rare in that day & age and life was not easy or fair for them most of the time. Edie didn’t expect to ever marry either as men generally had rigid ideas about proper conduct for married women – full time mothers and housewives. That would be an unacceptable waste for a woman graduating at the top of her class.

The Way to Healing: A historical Christian romance (The Waymaker series Book 1)

After their first meeting, Edith “Edie” Carmichael would have been content to never lay eyes on Lucas Brown again.

She thinks he’s no more than the grumpy owner of Pine Creek’s lumber company, and he thinks she’s a know-it-all lady doctor intent on putting folks in their place.

The two must quickly form a truce when suspicious accidents and theft at the sawmill threaten both his livelihood and the lives of his men, but can Lucas ever learn to trust a woman after a lifetime of being abandoned by them? Can Edie be content running the clinic in the hometown she thinks she’s outgrown, or will her dreams prove more powerful than her growing feelings? And when the world around them goes up in flames, will Edie and Lucas make it out alive?


This next one also addresses historical inequalities for women, particularly in the Regency era. Elizabeth is faced with the expectations of a controlling mother with prestige aspirations. It has been declared that she must travel to Great Britain and join the social season looking for a titled husband. Her father is willing to go along with her mother’s decree knowing Elizabeth is adamantly against it. Her heart wants to stay in America. It was fun watching her learn how to stand up for herself.

A Touch of Scarlet (Gilded Promises)

Never was there a more charmed debutante than the impeccable Elizabeth St. James. Her sterling reputation makes her a favored guest in the most exclusive homes in New York City. But behind the gilded curtain of turn-of-the-century society, Elizabeth despises being her mother’s perfect “specimen” and refuses to forgive the woman for her treacherous family betrayal. Now, with only two months before Elizabeth sets sail for London to marry a British lord, she resolves to live a lifetime of adventure—including kissing a man under the moon and stars. And Elizabeth has the perfect candidate in mind: Luke.

Lucian Griffin, the brother of Elizabeth’s dearest friend, intends to protect Elizabeth from letting her adventures forever sully her reputation. He knows too well the regrets that come from taking unnecessary risks. Soon his earnest fondness for the sweet debutante gives way to deep affection. But if either is to have a chance at true love and happiness, they must have the courage to let go of the past—and the grace to embrace forgiveness.


More to follow.

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