Bargain books August 02, 2022

1531 Entertainment has an interesting Mystery suggestion with another author new to us. Mysteries are good. This cover looks familiar, not sure where I’ve seen it before.

INTERCEPTED: A Girl Gone Missing Christian Suspense (Agents of Justice Series Book 1)

Nora Milton believed her calling was to help lessen the suffering in a world filled with pain.

It’s chasing that calling, on a mission to help finish the construction of an orphanage in Mexico, that Nora meets mission pilot, Anthony Goldburg. A spark is kindled between them but it’s cut short when Nora finds herself kidnapped at gunpoint.

Desperate to save the woman his heart longs for, Anthony sets out on a search for Nora on his own. All too quickly he learns just how dangerous leaving the safety of the compound can be and finds himself entrenched in the dangerous drug trade.

Hot on the heels of a notorious drug lord, DEA Agent Greg Nelson is on a mission of his own – to clear the streets of drugs. Joining forces with FBI Agent Grisham they work to close off one of the major drug pipelines from south of the border when they discover a young woman being held against her will.

Together, can these two agents help Anthony save Nora before she’s lost forever.


Another bargain suggestion from 1531 Entertainment. This is a Prequel to book one we downloaded in June, which I have not finished reading, not sure why. Must do it.

To Stand in the Breach (Strike to the Heart Series)

She came to America to escape a workhouse prison, but will the cost of freedom be too high a price to pay?

1933, Wisconsin — Large animal veterinarian Katy Wells takes her patients’ welfare personally, so it’s no surprise when she stands up to angry farmers planning a milk strike or takes in an injured draft horse to save its life.

But after a visitor from the past discovers her location and reveals a threat, she must choose between her work and her freedom, and whether to trust a man to keep her safe.

Prequel novella to A Strike to the Heart and As Silent as the Night.


Have a good day, reading or otherwise.

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