By Grace Draw Near, and some other good books.

It has been a great summer so far.  Quiet, relatively uneventful, there’s been some stress, and yet….

I was replaying a conversation in my head, one I’d had with friends the other day. Listening to the tone of it caused me to reassess the less than positive message I’m leaving with people. It prompted me take an honest, more upbeat, look at my life.

I realize: despite a prolific crop of weeds I can’t seem to get ahead of this summer (I’m paying for the neglect of last summer spent travelling), hot weather with record rainfall (and very muddy flowerbeds), unexpected stressors, some loneliness, sadness for friends losing loved ones (lots of that happening right now), still, – I’m loving my life.  At first glance, some things could be viewed as problems but on closer examination they turn out to be blessings. A freshly weeded flowerbed brings it’s own joy.

I’m grateful for health, a comfortable home, a reason to spend time outside in the  yard, an occasion to wear summer clothes without freezing. Books to read as an escape when I’m stressed. Activities to give me a reason to get up in the morning. Friends to come alongside when I need help (hauling away the tree that came down in last week’s wild thunder storm).  I’m grateful for this moment in time, because life will move on and things will change. And, maybe not for the better.

I will work on a more positive tone in future because the truth is; I am grateful for the life I’m privileged to live, everyday.

Another thing to be grateful for:

The number of books I’ve had to choose from the last few months has been awesome. The temptation has been to spend too much time reading –  but I’m not complaining, not for a second.

Here is a small list of books enjoyed.

By Grace Draw Near Wondrous Love Series – By Grace Draw Near book three – JoAnn Durgin …

All the Way Home  All the Way Home – Ann Tatlock


Runaway Heart Runaway Heart – Teresa Slack


Impossible Dream  Impossible Dream – Gemma Jackson


Memphis and me  Memphis & Me – Diane Moody


Running Home Second Chances Series – Running Home – Barbara Ellen Brink

I hope your summer is going well and you are finding much reading time too.

Happy Reading!



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