Eye For Revenge

A big thank-you to all of you who read this blog and like the posts. Initiating  conversations is not one of my strengths, as you can probably tell by the non-existent comment section, but my readers and followers are always noticed and appreciated, even without comments. Thank you for taking the time to read.

I am feeling pretty happy with this list of books. It’s not often that every book is a winner. Usually there are some I like better than others but this time they were all good. All of the authors except one are regulars on my reading list. Emily C. Reynolds is new to me and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Eye for Revenge  Eye For Revenge – Cheryl Bradshaw … She’s lost her will to live. Her marriage is in trouble, they are fighting all the time. She needs to go back to work to ease her depression. Her husband won’t hear of it. Her best friend Evie has just been murdered, her four year old traumatized son was there to witness it.

Quinn slowly realizes she’s lying in a hospital bed. Voices she recognizes are calling her to wake up. After a big fight with Marcus she’d stormed out of the house and in the rain, slid off the road hitting a big oak tree. That explains why she’s here. It’s stressful listening to the voices and her heart stopped. She felt like she was floating above her body and now she had a choice to make. Stay or go back.

She chooses life but there will be changes. Evie has always been there for Quinn. Now it’s time for her to be there for Evie and her traumatized son. Despite Marcus’ demand that her place is with him in Utah.

She needs to be there as support for Jacob. She is on a mission to figure out who murdered her friend.

One of the underlying issues addressed in this story is bullying. Another is fallout from poor choices. Life is complicated. That’s what makes these stories interesting!

Pcture Perfect  Picture Perfect – Emily C. Reynolds … Lily is working two jobs trying to save enough to open her own photography studio. There is an empty shop in the perfect location but the landlord is elusive.  It’s frustrating. There are rumors of a new owner and she wants to be sure of a signed lease before that happens.

Punching the new guy in town is not the best way to start a first encounter. She reacts when feeling threatened. It is not wise to grab her shoulder unexpectedly even if it’s meant to be helpful. He didn’t mean to surprise her, he only entered the church she was cleaning looking for a ladder. Micah is impressed with the muscle behind the punch,  even if it did result in a swollen eye.

He’s moved back to town to open a martial arts studio. Lily hasn’t recognize him, yet, and it is guaranteed to be awkward with their painful past.  It will be worse when they discover they are dreaming about the same building.

Tarnished Silver Tarnished Silver – Chautona Havig ….. Friends helping friends. Chautona spins a tale like no one else can. It’s always a surprise.

No One to Trust No One To Trust – Lynette Eason ….. It was still dark when Summer opened her eyes to find a man standing over her bed with a gun pointed in her face. In the shadows she could see there was a second man.

They demanded to see her husband. He should have been home from his business trip two hours ago but she can see he’s not here. Something bad has happened or he would be in bed beside her.

They are looking for something he has and if she wants to live she has twenty four hours to find it. It would be a shame if anything where to happen to the two beautiful little girls in the picture on her dresser.

Oh, by the way, your husband isn’t Kyle Abernathy, he is David Hackett. He is involved  with some bad people, he stole something from them and they want it back.

Lynette Eason knows how to write a great mystery/thriller.

Try Dying  A Ty Buchanan Legal Thriller – Try Dying – James Scott Bell ….

Wrong place at the wrong time.

A man shoots his wife. Later he jumps off an overpass killing himself while landing on a car travelling beneath him, killing the driver.

Ty is passing the accident scene on his way home when he’s devastated to realize the victim is his fiancé.

On his way to becoming a successful high powered lawyer, he’s willing to risk it all when he discovers it may have been murder. He attempts to share what he’s been told with the authorities but no one will believe him. He’s not about to sit by and do nothing. He needs to know he truth and someone needs to pay.

James Scott Bell  knows how to write a compelling thriller.

Happy Reading!



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