Free book January 16, 2023

This is looking like it could be a good book day. It’s starting out that way anyway.

This first one is an author I’ve read at least once before and the sample is sounding good.

The Road Back Home from Here: A Novel

To survive, they must choose to trust each other.  

Seventeen-year-old Jamison Jones is concerned about one thing: survival. Not just his survival, but the survival of his drug-addicted mother. He has to take care of her, to make sure that she makes it back to their dingy motel room, or remind her to eat. Until one day when a knock at the door changes everything.  

For seventeen-year-old Ellie Presley, she has no choice but to run. She’s running from her past. She’s running from those who seek to hurt her. Unfortunately, her past isn’t so easy to escape.

Both find themselves on a Greyhound bus. When danger threatens them, they are forced together to beat the odds. But they must learn to trust each other if they’re going to make it out alive. 


Well, the day bombed a far as new books. There were a number of suggestions this morning but nothing that we were looking for, except one. One is definitely better than none.

My fingers are too cold to spend time browsing. The furnace went out during the night and a repairman is coming soon. Good job it is only -6C outside and not minus 20 or 30. It’s 59F in here so it could be worse. At least it is not freezing yet.

Yes, I measure the outside in celsius and the inside in farenheit. Crazy I know. I guess there is part of me that is still rebelling against the change.

The repairman is here so we will see. I think he wants me to upgrade and buy a new furnace and air conditioner.

Yup, he does.

I’ve been thinking about it for awhile since the furnace is old so I guess it’s time. But I won’t tell him that just yet.

In the meantime,

Happy Reading

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