Bargain books January 18, 2023

Good morning, or afternoon, maybe evening, depending on where in the world you are.

It is a good day, we have a bargain book ,,,

and the guys are here to install my much needed replacement furnace. I’m looking forward to being warm again. We never know how much we appreciate something until we don’t have it.

I guess that’s the good thing about the bad things. It wakes us up and changes our thought patterns for the better. Someone wrote a post along those lines the other day. How that the hard times in life can add a new dimension to our character. I’ve heard more than one say – I would never ask to go through cancer, but I’m so grateful for the changes to my life because of that difficult journey.

It seems we become better people for walking through the hard times.

Freezing with no furnace for a few days doesn’t even remotely compare to a cancer journey, but even a small space of time in the cold can test us to see what we are made of.

Well, this wasn’t the conversation I had planned for today. It’s always a surprise, though, when a small thought hijacks our journey and takes us to unplanned destinations. Surprises are fun. They add a little spice to our day.

So, the original simple intention was to share a bargain book that looks interesting.

I have a pretty wide range of interests so I think the one attribute that makes a book enticing to me is quality of the writing. I am hooked on this one. It’s a romance without all the drama of a mystery and yet the sample makes me want to read more.

We have read a book from this author but it’s been 10 years, this will be a new experience.

Love from Afar (Love Letters from Ellis Creek Book 1)

What happens when two little sisters become self-appointed matchmakers?

Best friends Tillie and Lula are tired of watching Tillie’s older sister and Lula’s older brother admire each other from afar. Determined to bring their siblings together, they hatch a most brilliant plan. After all, it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in mischief if it’s for a good cause, right?

Meredith Waller has an excellent reputation as a wedding dress seamstress in the frontier town of Ellis Creek in 1880s Montana Territory. There’s just one problem: all of the wedding dresses she has sewn have been for others. The eligible bachelor options—or at least decent eligible bachelor options—are next to nil in Ellis Creek, and Meredith worries spinsterhood is God’s plan for her.

Gabe Kleeman has recently returned to Ellis Creek. In those three years away, his affection for Meredith Waller, a woman he’s admired from a distance since their former school days, has remained steadfast. But Meredith doesn’t know Gabe exists, and if he doesn’t figure out a way to use the mouth God gave him to tell her his intentions, Meredith may never know.

Can Tillie and Lula’s clandestine plot bring two lonely hearts together?


I just noticed books 2 and 3 are on at a bargain price too. Might as well go for all three. They aren’t very long books so it won’t be a big challenge to get them read.

Love Unforeseen (Love Letters from Ellis Creek Book 2)

Will a best friend’s matchmaking scheme be successful?

Tillie Waller finds her life’s purpose in molding young minds as a teacher in Ellis Creek in the late-1890s. While she claims contentment, there is a part of her that longs to marry and be a mother, like her sister, Meredith, and best friend, Lula. But no matter. With her students and books, how could she ever be lonesome?

Willard “Will” Fairbanks has longed to return to Ellis Creek since the day he left the town with his family twelve years ago. When a job offer at Ellis Creek Mill beckons his return, Will eagerly embraces the opportunity. An added bonus? He hopes to reconnect with Tillie Waller, the girl he has always loved—the girl who never felt the same about him.

When Tillie encourages her pupils to write to pen pals in another town, she can’t possibly foresee how such an assignment will impact her own future. Her best friend, Lula, concocts a plan, unbeknownst to Tillie, for Will to become Tillie’s pen pal under a false name. Tillie forms a connection with her pen pal and even dares herself to fall in love.

When she falls in love with both Will and her pen pal, which one will she choose?


It looks like the third one is a pre-order, to be published soon.

Love Most Certain (Love Letters from Ellis Creek Book 3)

Can newfound love heal a broken heart?

Genevieve Amsel is recovering from a canceled engagement when her dear friend, Tillie, invites her to move to Ellis Creek for a fresh start. While she settles into life in the friendly Montana town, one thing is for certain: Genevieve will never fall in love again, no matter what marriage prospects come her way.

Becoming the new postmaster in Ellis Creek is not for the faint of heart. Attempting to do his best to replace the popular Mr. Norman who recently retired, Oliver Bessell relocates from Bozeman and attempts to win the hearts of Ellis Creek residents, especially one in particular. Can he prove to Genevieve he’s nothing like the man who broke her heart?

Soon Oliver makes it his mission to encourage and brighten Genevieve’s day by leaving her notes at the breakfast table at the boarding house where they both reside. And when a mysterious letter arrives at the post office, will the solving of the puzzle draw him and Genevieve closer?

Return to Ellis Creek for another glimpse into the lives of characters you’ve come to love along with a few newcomers in this tender romance filled with faith and humor by best-selling author Penny Zeller.


I’m off to see if I can finish my current interesting read. Life is full of distractions these days and reading time has been badly neglected.

Lots of great twists and turns in this time travel series. Check it out.

Happy Reading!

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