Story prompt – Expectation

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Today’s prompt …


I was hoping to write some awesome fiction for today’s submission but I think my self-expectations were too high. I don’t seem to have much of an imagination when it comes to stories worth reading.

I suppose, with enough effort it would be possible for me to produce something but honestly … my heart is just not in it. There are so many other things I feel passionate about.

When I look at this whole idea realistically, it makes sense to be thoughtful and wise when deciding where to spend my time. Not that I will never write fiction, just not today.

Sometimes my expectations are too high but sometimes they are not high enough.

So, this was my task for yesterday. The two smaller trees in front were in need of a prune. It doesn’t really look like it so much in this picture because fall is here and most of the leaves have dropped. A few weeks ago, though, they did look overgrown and in need of a haircut.

The day went well and I managed to prune and clean up the main mess before I ran out of daylight. Six very large garbage bags later.

So this is what it looked like post haircut.

I know, you are probably thinking that looks more like a scalping than a haircut.

Last year I did the same thing to a tree in the front yard. I didn’t really know what expect but I figured it would probably take a couple of years at least for it to grow back. Boy was I wrong.

The lovely full tree on the left was scalped last year and look how lush it is now.

My expectations were blown out of the water. I can see what I should have been doing all along.

The bush in front is a lilac and it can’t be treated quite the same way. It will have to wait to have it’s major haircut next spring after it blooms. I can hardly wait.


My project today was to be haircuts for these three trees. I managed to get the middle one done and cleaned up before the rain started. Tomorrow is another day but as long as I get it done before the snow flies it will all be good.

Next year’s challenge will be to win the war with the bunnies. They’ve eaten most of the tender perennials gracing the center part of this flower bed.

My expectation is to find a way to be smarter than they are and win the turf war.

9 thoughts on “Story prompt – Expectation

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  3. I really enjoyed reading this. Your struggles, expectations, wins and losses with your garden! Great pics too. All the best with the bunnies! We don’t see any bunnies here so I would have no idea what to do.


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