Bargain book for September 30, 2020

Here’s an interesting looking story suggestion from BookBub. It is a lonely-only but it appears to be worth the investment of time and money, and that makes up for everything. The first few pages have me hooked and I think it has pushed to the head of the line to be my next read.

Hopeful Cowboy: A Mulbury Boys Novel (Hope Eternal Ranch Romance Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Nathaniel Mulbury is released early from his six-year term in prison to care for his brother’s four-year-old son. Dealing with grief over his brother’s death and continued guilt for his role in the embezzlement scheme that landed him in jail, Nate has one more problem. He’s never been a father and has no idea how to take care of Connor.

Make that two problems: He’s released, but only to the care of Hope Eternal Ranch, a work-parole ranch run by the beautiful and smart Ginger Talbot. He’s never been a cowboy, and he’s got no room in his life for a woman.

Ginger has dealt with plenty of men like Nate, even if the sparks between them don’t just come from his background. She’s not falling for a handsome face and a nice pair of biceps again. After all, most prisoners have plenty of time to work out.

But there’s something different about Nate that calls to her softer side, if only she’d let him in. If only she knew how to let anyone in… But Ginger is jaded for good reason, and she’s not going to risk losing Hope Eternal Ranch—or her heart—again.


Currently, I’m reading a seven book collection and I’m about to start book 5. So far, I’ve been impressed with the writing and the story lines. With a couple of the books I did some skimming but the others were excellent and all of the stories were worth reading.

‘I Choose You’ Contemporary Romance Collection

The one I’m about to read…

The Broken Trail by Christa MacDonald

Katherine takes a job in smalltown Maine to break away from the toll of secrets she’s buried. With evidence of shady dealings on her job, there’s nothing relaxing about it. Maybe it would be easier if she wasn’t so distracted by Captain MacAlister.

Mac has enough to deal with from poachers to drug crime. But when he meets Katherine, he’s drawn in by her intelligence and strength, despite getting burned by her quick temper. If only their scars didn’t threaten to tear them apart. Two wary hearts must soften to have any hope of making it down the broken trail to love.


That’s it for tonight.

Happy Reading!

I can’t believe that in 15 minutes it will be October 1st.

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