It’s hard getting started sometimes

My head is not in the game today. Book suggestions were non-existent – not that we necessarily need more, I don’t anyway, that’s for sure. They give me something to talk about and I miss them.

Then I thought about sharing books read. I did that the other day though and since I’ve been reading such long books lately the numbers haven’t accumulated very quickly. It’s a short list hardly worth bothering with.

Currents reads are not a whole lot better as a topic. I’m up to the third attempt without any more success than with the first two. It could be the books or it could be me. The jury is still out on that.

I’ll share the three non starters.

I’ve barely looked at the outside two. I’ve read 13% of the middle one.

I’m sure it’s mainly me. There are other things going on today. Tasks requiring heavy concentration and now my brain is fried. I think I need to end the day with something taking little or no thought.

The trouble is, I download more heavy than light and the light has probably all been read. Mostly.

See, downloading mindless is not a bad thing sometimes.

So, I went on a little break and tried one more time. This one is looking a little more promising, it’s definitely on the lighter side compared to the other three.

Lessons in Love (Secrets in Savannah Book 2) 

Can the handsome man who holds the secret to the disappearance of Megan’s boyfriend hope to hold the key to her heart?

Megan Conley can’t believe her eyes. That handsome man who keeps popping up all over town looks a lot like her boyfriend, Michael. But Megan hasn’t seen him since he vanished unexpectedly, leaving her searching for answers. Turns out the stranger is Michael’s cousin, Noah, and he seems to have her best interests at heart. Could Noah help explain Michael’s absence?

Noah can’t deny his attraction to Megan. But he made a promise to his cousin, and he’s a man of his word. He’ll help her move on with her life—but he can go no further. Unless the key he holds to Michael’s disappearance is also the key to Megan’s heart…


You had to know I’d try again. I can’t bear to be without a book in progress. I promise to double back and try the others again, just not tonight.

How is your reading going. Are you hooked on books? I’m hoping you are headed in that direction.

Happy Reading anyway!

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