The Crimson Cord

One thing about recreating Bible stories – it’s a challenge, as there is rarely much detail to go on.  Jill Eileen Smith has taken on the task of retelling the story of Rahab. a harlot in Jericho, a city full of arrogance and cruelty. She’s done a masterful job of fleshing out the life of this courageous woman. There have been many re-tellings of this story but none quite like this one.

The Crimson Cord  Daughters of the Promised Land – The Crimson Cord book 1 – Jill Eileen Smith

Gamal, a handsome young man, greedy and prone to gambling, was taken with Rahab’s beauty and won her hand in marriage. He was favored in the king’s court for saving the life of the Prince but his appetite for gambling caused a massive debt that favor couldn’t cover. He was sold into slavery.

His wife suffered the same fate, in an attempt to cover his debt, and was purchased by a man she mistakenly identified as kind.  She would soon find that this powerful man, adviser to the king, had plans for her that would enlarge his wealth and grant him prestige amongst the elite.

Forced into a life of prostitution, her privileged life was a prison of cruelty and fear. Her one attempt to escape with her trusted protector proved the truth of her precarious existence.

When spies came to her door looking for information she saw what may be her only opportunity for freedom. In return for helping them escape the soldiers at her door, the three spies promised protection on the day their army invaded Jericho.

This was an intriguing retelling of Rahab’s story, it was difficult to put it down long enough to avoid reading all night.

This is not my usual multi book post, only because I couldn’t wait to share this one with you.



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    • Hey Dianne, they show up free more often than you might think. Sometimes they only last a short time so you have to be quick. Sometimes you have to search directly in to find them in Canada when they are offered free. It also helps to subscribe to a site like Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas Lately I have been getting most of mine from LPC and it’s true that by the time I post they aren’t free anymore. Subscribe and get their emails so you don’t miss out.


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