Leftover Girl

A little Fantasy is a nice change of pace.

Leftover Girl  Leftover Girl – C.C Bolick … Jes is used to being the new kid in class. Her family is on the move again – to yet another school. Maybe this time, moving to her adopted mother’s home town, she will get to complete the school year in one place and maybe even make a real friend.

She has no memory of life before her adoption, although small fragments are beginning of surface giving her clues to the truth of her abandonment.

Her life is built on lies causing Jes to push everyone away in order to keep her secret.  Meeting a strange new student who might know about her past and where she comes from has her drawing closer than ever before. He is in town looking for a certain girl and he thinks she could be the one.

Remembering is starting to happen more and more but knowing is going to come at a cost to her. Once those doors are opened there will be no going back, life will never be the same.

This story was tough to put down, and it was great. Now I need to read the sequel.

Another assortment of awesome books

After the Rains  The Camfield Legacy – After the Rains book 2 – Deborah Raney

Annabelle's Ruth  The Kinsman Redeemer Series – Annabelle’s Ruth book 1 – Betty Thomason Owens

Wings if the Dawn  Wings of the Dawn book 1 – Kristen Hogrefe

Charlie' Angel  Street Justice – Charlie’s Angel book 1- Samantha Fury


The Isaac Project   The Isaac Project – Sarah Monzon


The hot headed patriot  The Hot Headed Patriot – Jennifer Youngblood

Happy reading!

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