More Free Books for Sept 26, 2019

The weekly Free Books email arrived from LPC Books this afternoon and I am sharing the offerings with you. Typically these books are only free a short time so grab them quickly if you find them interesting.

I know these books are available on Amazon in the USA and Canada, I’m not sure about other countries but it’s worth a try just in case.

Most of these have been offered previously and I have read them. I shared them here a few months ago and they are definitely worth reading.

The only one I haven’t read is the last one, the Young Adult mystery. I think I did download book 1 of this series (this one is book 2) and started it but didn’t get it finished. It looked like it would be interesting for young people.


Preston Barclay Murder MysteryPreston Barclay Murder Mystery Series Book 1 – 3,   Rhapsody in Red, Murder in Disguise, Murder Mezzo Forte – Donn Taylor

Hidden Things   Hidden Things – Andrea Boeshaar

To Claim Her Heart  To Claim Her Heart  – Jodie Wolfe

gift of the magpie   Gift of The Magpie – Zoe M. McCarthy

Skull Creek YA  YA  Monster Mysteries – Skull Creek book 2 – Eddie Jones

Let me know if this is helpful.

Happy Reading


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