Thirty Days Hath…

This week we have been sharing free book opportunities. Chautona Havig’s name  shows up regularly in the free discussion so it’s no surprise to see one of her books appear on this just read list. I thought it was a really cool book, putting a whole new spin on the dating game experience.

Thirty Days Hath...  Thirty Days Hath… because blind dates are for wimps – Chautona Havig …

Adric is about to experience dating in an awkward and never-before-imagined way. His sister Lily is determined life is getting away on him and he needs an intervention.

At some point in the recent past they worked on a dating site profile. He thinks it was short lived and forgotten. She thinks resurrected and reactivated, with a revised plan.

Her vision is to select twelve vetted respondents to spend thirty chaperoned days living at his house. Theoretically, that much time should solidify an interest and that many women should present at least one strong possibility, maybe even more.

Lily and her husband Tom have done the work; thirty single young women have passed inspection. The first three finalists have been picked. They will allow Adric the opportunity to view the profile list and decide on the other nine.

With lady number one due to arrive in two weeks… it’s time to let Adric in on the plan.

This was such a fun read!

Rumors and Promises   Rumors and Promises – Kathleen Rouser


No Place Like Home  Home to You Series – No Place like Home book 1 – Morris Fenris


A Dangerous Legacy  A Dangerous Legacy – Elizabeth Camden


a good hearted man  A Good-Hearted Man – Barbara Kaylor


a Soldier Finds Grace  A Soldier Finds Grace – Katherine St. Clair

As always, I had a good time reading with these books on my Kindle. I hope you are finding books to capture your interest too.

Happy Reading this week!


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