Murder in the Family .. Five stars

Murder in the Family  Murder in the Family – Ramona Richards

This was a fun read. It was serious but fun. Family feuds, kept alive with greed. Murder and mayhem, from beginning to end. This was the serious part. The reluctant but feisty executrix of Aunt Liz’s will, this was the fun part. I think it makes all of us want to stand up and cheer  when the abused goes toe-to-toe with a bully… and wins. Molly discovers she is adept at gaining the upper hand once she decides to stand and fight.

Twenty years earlier, both Molly and her brother Mike left town when their mother lost her battle with cancer. There was nothing left for them after an unscrupulous uncle  blackmailed their mother into giving up everything they owned. Molly severed all family ties and never looked back… until now. It was a shock to learn Aunt Liz died and left a well thought out plan for her estate to be dispersed in a way, legally, her brother would not be able to get his grubby hands on any of it.

Molly is convinced the whole family is mean and greedy but it appears Liz thinks differently. She’s left detailed lists to make sure the neglected family members will get the help they need for a change. It seems Molly and Mike were not the only ones abused by the family bully and his like minded offspring.

The resolve to honour her beloved aunt’s last will falters when she enters the jam packed house of a hoarder. The shear volume of stuff, and the overwhelming smell of something dead, is enough to make her turn tail and run. If it wasn’t for the perseverance of Liz’s friends she would have.

The many ups and downs of the struggle, along with her determination to win the fight, kept me engaged and smiling with every skirmish won.

This won a solid Five Stars from me. I loved this book.

There is a nice variety of other books again this time. You can probably tell it wasn’t much of a burden to read through this list.

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“Till next time, Happy Reading!

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