Something I Am Not

This time it’s different. I’ve written other posts, lamenting what could have been great writing were it not watered down with obligatory but unnecessary sex scenes. This book is the exception… the sex scenes are not here to titillate the reader. They are an integral part of the story… unfortunately.

There wouldn’t be a story without the raw honesty in Something I Am Not. Sex plays a huge role of the life of the protagonist, and many of the other characters crossing paths with him. It’s heart breaking and difficult to read in places, but I’ve given it five stars.  This is an important and timely story. It will grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning, not letting go until the last page.

It has impacted my life, shining a light on some things I would not have thought to consider. Triggering the surfacing of a long buried memory of my own abuse. I think that was the goal of the author when she birthed the idea. Hoping  hurting and abused  readers would see themselves in the life of another and, find hope. The author has done a masterful job of presenting a difficult subject with sensitivity.

Something I am Not










Something I am Not – Cher Gatto … Billy was three when his mother sent him to live with his manipulative and abusive father. At least that’s the story. He has never seen evidence of his mother and he has no memories of her.  At seventeen he is trying desperately to survive long enough to graduate and move on.

The abuse hasn’t only been at the hands of his father. Piles of unbearable shame have been heaped on his head at the hands of his father’s girlfriend. It seems everyday a new source of abuse appears in his life. It is never ending.

The faithful mentoring of his high school football coach is his only safe place. Billy is a football star and he’s hoping a college scholarship will be his ticket out. At least that was his dream until another little brother showed up one day. How can he think about leaving a defenseless little boy alone to suffer what he has at the hands of his father and his friends?

Part of his father’s business is staging professional boxing matches. Billy has been trained to fight but doesn’t and has never manage a win over his father. Now, he has been backed into a corner and is going to have to fight to the death, to save himself and his little brother. The fight will probably  mean his own death but he is willing if it means his brother will be spared a life of abuse.

Now,  for a change of pace. A few stories in a lighter vein. Well, some of them are lighter than others … but they are all good.

Help Me Hold MeFull Heart Ranch Series – Help Me, Hold Me book 5 – Barbara Gee

Sticks and Stones  The Barn Church Series – Sticks and Stones book 2 – Shellie Arnold

Second Chance Love  Second Chance Love – Pamela S. Meyers


Facade  Façade – Pepper Basham


The Edge of Mercy  The Edge of Mercy – Heidi Chiavaroli

This was a great bunch of books, it was difficult to pick just one to feature.

Happy Reading!

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