Something I Am Not

This time it's different. I've written other posts, lamenting what could have been great writing were it not watered down with obligatory but unnecessary sex scenes. This book is the exception... the sex scenes are not here to titillate the reader. They are an integral part of the story... unfortunately. There wouldn't be a story without the raw honesty in … Continue reading Something I Am Not

Featuring Staci Stallings…Part 1

Out of curiosity, after downloading yet another Staci Stallings book, I searched my downloads to see how many other Stallings books are in my Kindle collection. There have been nineteen since 2012, and only three have been mentioned in this blog. It's time to change all that. As an encouragement to writers out there, Staci's website tells the story of beating … Continue reading Featuring Staci Stallings…Part 1