“A Struggle with Loneliness” April 22, 2023

Photo by Toa Heftiba u015einca on Pexels.com

Simon Sinek: Opens Up About His Struggle With Loneliness, Love & Dating!

You Tube Podcast on: The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett

This has been an amazing, timely, and moving experience. One that will impact me for years to come, I think. The conversation was deeply emotional, and insightful. I know it seems like I’ve gone overboard with the adjectives but even these feel inadequate to describe the experience. Maybe the reverberating impact is because I was so ready to hear it.

On Sunday, with family, there was what looked to me like a spontaneous time of deep consideration of where I am at in my healing journey and what kind of help I should be looking for to go deeper. (It may have been planned but I can’t be sure about that.) Anyway, I know they love me and have my best interests at heart. I love them for it, and I will admit the time with them has been helpful in pushing me in a new direction. They set me up to be ready to hear.

Therapy is not something that has ever worked out for me, for a multitude of reasons. I think part of the reason may be that my mind’s processing method is more like that of a slow cooker rather than that of a micro wave, or even a regular stove. Books and conversations like this interview seem to speak into my life in way nothing else can. Probably because they are a good fit with meditation.

With the discovery of this podcaster, the week has been intensely packed with new insights. It’s amazing how it has come hard on the heels of the most unusual family conversation.

Here is the podcast interview. Maybe it will be life changing for you too.

They speak at length on how to be a better partner, in all our relationships not just the romantic ones. Lots of meat on the bones, lots to chew on. I like that.

Sadly, no specific books were featured this time. A few were mentioned along the way but I forgot to take note of them.

An awesome 2 hours.

Now on o another one.

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