More this and that May 06, 2022

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It’s hard to know which is worse.

Watching the news, any and every news, sounds like a good idea so as not to be caught unaware. After awhile, though, this activity seems toxic and downright depressing.

Unbelievable too. Did he really just say that? Is he aware how his attitude is not helping his public image? Maybe he’s not worried about future re-elections.

It’s often said don’t believe what they say, watch what they do. When I first heard this piece of wisdom it was in relation to abusive men who would say all manner of things to get what they wanted, all the while not meaning any of it. Paying attention to what they do, to steer clear of manipulators, is sound advice.

It takes a lot of practice to go by actions rather than words, though. These people are highly gifted at sounding believable, especially if they put a lot of emotion in it. It’s very easy to believe they are for real. That’s why video footage, especially the unedited kind, exposes the truth. There are lots of undeniable eye opening caught on tape moments that leave us with our jaws dropping on the floor. Some of them are scenes that we can never unsee.

On one hand the state of our countries, Canada and the US, is highly depressing but on the other hand, some bleak looking situations are beginning to change. For awhile it appeared that the corporate and political world was jumping on the new ideas band wagon which did not bode well for many of us.

I think most of us have forgotten how loudly the bottom line speaks into their world. Many of their recent changes and positions were not in the best interest of average shoppers and when we began to change our spending habits they sat up and took notice.

Making changes in who we work for, where we shop, and a multitude of other areas, will surprise us with unexpected positive side effects. We may even find we are happier than we’ve ever been.

It’s hard to believe any of this will change bullies’ behavior but hey, you just never know. Maybe one day they will wake up and discover people’s opinion of them matters a great deal. Especially if they are running for office or working to become richer.

Oh, right, the question which is worse?

The political situation in Canada or the US.

So far, from what I can see listening to facts and opinions, Canada is winning. Not something to feel the least bit happy about.

Free books May 02, 2022

LPC Free books has two suggestions for us, both read and enjoyed several years ago. Stories with substance.

All The Way Home – Ann Tatlock

“Tatlock’s rich descriptions and characterizations are unusually fresh and inventive.”~Publishers Weekly

From a rough section of Los Angeles during the late Depression years, to the civil rights struggles of the 1960s in the South, this novel is a searing portrayal of one family trapped by alcoholism and another living the typical middle class life. A true American story told through the eyes of two girls, best friends, separated by the internment camps of World War II.


Somewhere a Rainbow (Finding Love in the Low Country Book 4)

Brooke Haddon’s future looks gray… After her unfaithful husband is killed in an auto accident, she faces the challenge of rebuilding her life. With most of her money gone, she takes her five-year-old son to the honeymoon cottage on Hilton Head Island where her marriage began. As a single parent, she wonders how she will manage, and once she arrives on the island, she can’t imagine how she’ll be able to repair a cottage as broken down as her life.

When local carpenter Jake Randolph offers to help, Brooke immediately distrusts him. But as the months pass, she begins to think he may be different from the other men she has known. He begins to melt the emotional ice around her heart. Then Jake admits he’s concealing a secret past. Are Brooke’s hopes of a brighter future about to be destroyed. Or is there a rainbow beyond the storms of heartbreak?


Two worthwhile reads. Awesome.

Happy Reading!

Bargain book March 01, 2022

Today was a search day. I’ve found one so far.

Waiting For Rachel: (Those Karlsson Boys Book 1)

Damian Karlsson, the oldest of Those Karlsson Boys, has decided it’s time to settle down and start a family. Rachel Perkins has captured his attention, but she won’t even give him a chance to romance her. It seems to Damian she feels something for him, but still she resists. Damian is determined to find out why.

Though she is attracted to Damian and even finds his pursuit of her flattering, Rachel is equally determined to keep her secrets close to her heart. Betrayed in the past by men she’s loved, she isn’t prepared to take that risk again. But when her secrets are forced out in the open, will Rachel discover that forgiveness and trust are worth the risk when it leads to love?


Some days are less than fruitful. Like today.

One is not much but I guess it’s something.

It’s discouraging searching these days because the big push is toward what amounts to soft porn. I know I keep harping on this but it’s frustrating. I don’t have anything against affection. I would appreciate it intensely if I had a significant-other in my life. The trouble is the focus in these books is on including as many swoon-worthy moments as possible, and to be perfectly honest, it’s boring. I don’t want to keep reading the same thing over and over. I want you to tell me a story that is strong and real, the kind to draw me in and make me forget I don’t live where the story is happening.

The writer loses me every time there is another swoon worthy moment. And when it happens often, not only has the spell been broken but now I’m irritated and impatient too.

I realize there is a market for these kinds of stories but surely to goodness I’m not the only reader out there wanting something more than what they are offering.

My beef is more with the site I’m searching than with the authors. (the site shall remain nameless) because the algorithms are set to push the kinds of books I don’t want and to hide the books I do want.

And that brings up a sore point that really gets me worked up. I don’t appreciate someone trying to push things on me, trying to force me to buy whatever it is they are selling. The makers of search engines try to do that too. Force me to use the engine of their choice. NOT happening.

That’s the reason I’m finding so few books these days. It’s like searching a hay stack looking for a needle. I’m mad and out of there in about three minutes flat. OK, so that was an exaggeration but it’s not too far from the truth. I used to spend a lot of time searching through different pages looking for books I hadn’t read. Now I’m down to just minutes before giving up.

My frustration levels rise pretty quickly when I’m pushed but now that I’ve let it all out … I think it’s pretty funny.

We still don’t have many new books. Major disappointment.

There will be good books again another day though. I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to books.

They can’t hide always.

I would share my current read but it is turning out to be one of those books. Way too much time spent on PDA.

That’s probably what set me off on this rant in the first place. It’s not the worst offender I’ve seen but sadly, it’s getting there. Sadly because it has so much potential to be a really good story. And sadly because I try to weed out books like this early in the decision process, before they make it onto my TBR pile.

OK, I’m done. I’m going back to hurry through reading this book to see how the interesting parts of the story end.

Happy reading y’all

Bargain books January 19, 2022

1531 Entertainment has several interesting suggestions for us.

The first author is a favorite and this book is already part of my collection.

Justice Mission (True Blue K-9 Unit Book 2)

Police officers fight for justice with the help of their brave K-9 partners in the True Blue K-9 Unit series.

After K-9 unit administrative assistant Sophie Walters spots a suspicious stranger lurking at the K-9 graduation, the man kidnaps her—and she barely escapes.

With Sophie’s boss missing and someone determined to silence her, NYPD officer Luke Hathaway vows he and his K-9 partner will guard her. But he must keep an emotional distance to ensure this mission ends in justice…not cold-blooded murder.


This next one is an author I’ve not read. It does look interesting though.

The Brontë Plot 

When a bookseller’s secret is unearthed, her world begins to crumble. But it may be the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Lucy Alling makes a living selling rare books, often taking suspicious liberties to reach her goals. When her unorthodox methods are discovered, Lucy’s secret ruins her relationship with her boss and her boyfriend, James—leaving Lucy in a heap of hurt and trouble. Something has to change; she has to change.

In a sudden turn of events, James’s wealthy grandmother, Helen, hires Lucy as a consultant for a London literary and antiques excursion. Lucy reluctantly agrees and soon discovers Helen holds secrets of her own. In fact, Helen understands Lucy’s predicament better than anyone else.

As the two travel across England, Lucy benefits from Helen’s wisdom as Helen confronts ghosts from her own past. Everything comes to a head at Haworth, home of the Brontë sisters, where Lucy is reminded of the sisters’ beloved heroines who, with tenacity and resolution, endured—even in the midst of impossible circumstances.

Now Lucy must face her past in order to move forward. And while it may hold mistakes and regrets, she will prevail—if only she can step into the life and the love that have been waiting for her all along.


My current read is an author I’ve not experienced and it’s too early on to have an opinion. So far so good, though.

The Tin Whistle (‘Tis the Season Book 2)

Inspired by a true story…
Jacob Gusky wakes up hoping Santa has arrived. And he has… but not for Jacob, one of two Jewish boys living at the Boys’ Home of Manhattan. When a friend gifts him a tin whistle, Jacob learns the power of giving, the joy in receiving, and hears what he considers to be the sound of happiness.

Recently widowed and completely out of options, Frannie takes her daughter Molly to the Home for the Friendless. “You’ll be back before Christmas?” Molly asks. Frannie gives Molly half a quilt square and keeps the other, choking on her reply.
Now a happily married father of three, Jacob Gusky owns Gusky’s Grand Emporium, Pittsburgh’s first premier department store. After unearthing the tin whistle from the orphanage, he is reminded of what it felt like to have nothing, and decides to make a difference in the lives of others no matter their faith. But with so little time before Christmas morning, can he even begin to give the orphaned children of Pittsburgh what he knows they need?
When giving is more important than receiving…


Happy Reading!

Current read November 26,2021

Not much of a book day today, not when it comes to new suggestions.

It is not much of a happy day when it comes to sports either. At least not from my point of view.

Our Winnipeg Jets hockey team is playing the Minnesota Wild and it is not looking good. The Wilds are up 5 – 0 in the second period. It’s a home game for them so I’m sure that helps.

The Jets need to get fired up while there is still time to balance the score.

Meanwhile: this is my current read.

Book 1 was a favorite. Book 2 – I’m liking the story, the writing is not as pleasing to read though.

Run: Christian mystery and romantic suspense

The first book Hallowed Ground by Mary Alford was an excellent read.

The setting is Afghanistan where a CIA team is ambushed and one of the team members is dead.

The challenge: to discover how things could go so terribly wrong, and who is behind it. It may or may not be the enemy.

I need to get through book 2 quickly so I can see if I like book 3 any better.

They are both still worth the read.

It sounds like the play is heating up but I’m guessing it’s all Minnesota, the crowd is loud. It would be quiet if Winnipeg was a threat.

I’m listening on radio.

I can never keep up with the play, where it is going, so radio works for me.

Besides I can still blog if I don’t have to watch.

I like hockey but I can usually never sit still long enough to watch a whole game.

I used to crochet or cross stitch while watching but that’s still listening, if I’m facing reality.

Well, second period is over…

I may or may not admit later to how it ended.

Happy reading anyway.