Current read November 26,2021

Not much of a book day today, not when it comes to new suggestions.

It is not much of a happy day when it comes to sports either. At least not from my point of view.

Our Winnipeg Jets hockey team is playing the Minnesota Wild and it is not looking good. The Wilds are up 5 – 0 in the second period. It’s a home game for them so I’m sure that helps.

The Jets need to get fired up while there is still time to balance the score.

Meanwhile: this is my current read.

Book 1 was a favorite. Book 2 – I’m liking the story, the writing is not as pleasing to read though.

Run: Christian mystery and romantic suspense

The first book Hallowed Ground by Mary Alford was an excellent read.

The setting is Afghanistan where a CIA team is ambushed and one of the team members is dead.

The challenge: to discover how things could go so terribly wrong, and who is behind it. It may or may not be the enemy.

I need to get through book 2 quickly so I can see if I like book 3 any better.

They are both still worth the read.

It sounds like the play is heating up but I’m guessing it’s all Minnesota, the crowd is loud. It would be quiet if Winnipeg was a threat.

I’m listening on radio.

I can never keep up with the play, where it is going, so radio works for me.

Besides I can still blog if I don’t have to watch.

I like hockey but I can usually never sit still long enough to watch a whole game.

I used to crochet or cross stitch while watching but that’s still listening, if I’m facing reality.

Well, second period is over…

I may or may not admit later to how it ended.

Happy reading anyway.

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