Free, and not so free November 2, 2019

I have a few books for you today. Just like yesterday, there are several free and three not so free. I like the authors and wanted them. And I have to share. That’s why we have the not-so-free again today.

The first one is a BookBub suggestion and it’s $0.99 Threads of Suspicion a Dee Henderson book (she appeared on yesterday’s list.)

Threads of Suspicion

The next one came up for me on Amazon for $1.29 Heart of Stone by Lyn Cote. (we had one of her books yesterday, as well.)

Heart of Stone

Amazon again for all of the rest.

One Thursday Morning is $1.35 by T.K.Chapin. I don’t know him as well as the other two authors but have read a few of his books. I wanted to take a chance on this one too.

One Thursday Morning

The next two are FREE. They are among  my previously read books from 2014 and 2016 but I don’t remember a lot about them. I suspect I liked them though, if my vague recollections are what I think they are.

A Mystery, Gone The Next  Ben Rehder

Gone The Next

A Fantasy, Dreamlander K.M Weiland


I hope you find some of these enticing.

Happy Reading!





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