Free, and not quite free November 1, 2019

I know, I mostly download free books (to feed my voracious reading habit) but I do budget in some not-so-free books every now and then. And, if it really seems important to my life – I’ll occasionally be willing to go full price.

This morning the BookBub daily email offers a $0.99 book that intrigues me, Secrets and Lies. I decided to check out the synopsis on Amazon. It sounds interesting. It turns out,  it’s on my already purchased list for 2017.

Long story short – investigation tells me it was on my Kindle but it’s not been mentioned on this blog as read. Why not? By the looks of it, on re-download, it seems I quit at 17% read. The mystery is … Why? Couldn’t get into it? Didn’t like it? Maybe a bit of both?

I can’t resist a mystery so… I’ve downloaded all three of Janet Sketchley’s books from my Amazon account, two previously owned and a new one today. I want to figure out why I finished reading one but not the other, and then try out the new one. After all this, I hope second time around will turn out to be a better experience.

Secrets and Lies is book 2 in A Redemption’s Edge Series. This is the one I didn’t finish reading for some reason.

Secrets and Lies TBR

Heaven’s Prey is book 1 in A Redemption’s Edge Series. I read it back in 2014 but wasn’t blogging then. This many years past I’m not sure how I felt about it and I’m curious.

Heaven's Prey

When I was researching Janet Sketchley on Amazon, trying to figure things out, I found the first book of another one of her series and it’s on at the bargain price of $1.32. I decided to give this one a try, hoping I like it.

Unknown Enemy, book 1 in A Green Dory Inn Mystery Series

Unknown Enemy

Finally, FREE

I didn’t want to end this post without leaving you with something FREE. I was looking for light-and-upbeat to change the tone of the post. Meant for Me doesn’t look like it will fit that category but I really like this author, Lyn Cote. It’s a new book for me too and I just couldn’t pass it up. I guess light will have to wait for another day.

Meant for Me

I love this cover.

A historical novel of women left behind to deal with life while their men have gone to war. This subject seems to be very popular these days.

It’s Friday and it’s snowing, light powdery stuff (which is better than wet and heavy) and it’s coming down in earnest at the moment but doesn’t amount to much, yet. Hopefully it will be over by tonight as promised by the weatherman. Tomorrow is Writer’s Group meeting in the city, an hour away. Clear roads would be nice. I’ll let you know how it goes. We meet in a historic house which is kind of cool. It was built in 1874 by the local sheriff. I’m hoping this link will work so you can see some pictures. It isn’t fancy but it’s still cool. We enjoy the feel of the place.

In the meantime Happy Reading



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