Free and bargain books November 3, 2019

Things are a little slow again today, for free books, but I’ve found a couple of them.

In Between is a young adult story with a bit of a twist.

In Between

Katie Parker has been sent to live with her eccentric grandmother. Her mother is in prison and her father is no longer in the picture. She’s trying to decide if she should stay in this strange environment or run away. Staying has her learning family secrets, more of them than she ever imagined possible. Will it change things for her?

A Rose Blooms Twice … a pioneer story of a young woman, who, despite a sorrowful life, strikes out, travelling to a new land looking for a new life.

A Rose Blooms Twice

And last, but not least, a bargain. $1.30

A collection by some of my favorite authors. It’s a happy day when a new installment is published and I look forward to diving in.

When Snowflakes Never Cease a Crossroads Collection.

Five all new inter-connected stories where a blizzard blows through changing lives forever.

When Snowflakes Never Cease

The first two books, at the top of the list, I’ve read a number of years ago but the collection is new and I’m excited.

Happy Reading on a restful Sunday.




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