A little of this and a little of that

This is one of those days. There’s a need to say something, anything at all, to fill the space. I’ve no idea where this is going but hopefully it’s somewhere good.

It crosses my mind that it helps that this isn’t live. I can keep going with the rewrites until I’m happy, sort of.

On second thought though, live could possibly be more fun.

So anyway, several weeks ago I put up my Christmas tree and I’ve been dying to talk about it. After at least two years of no tree, this year I had the urge to change all that. It felt a little weird to decide November was a good time to do this but everyone else in the neighborhood has lights up so I thought why not.

I’ve always loved sitting in a dim room with just the tree lights on. They are soft and pretty and make me feel happy somehow. This seemed like a good year to have pretty lights, with all the covid issues our country is experiencing right now. It turns out I’m onto something. They were talking about tree lights having a positive effect on our emotions. Endorphins or something like that.


I like keeping it close in this new spot for a few reasons.

With all the leaves off the trees I feel rather exposed sitting in front of the windows like I do. When I was moaning about this to my daughter she suggested putting the tree here beside me and it’s turned out to be a great idea. After a few more tweaks, (not shown here) it’s perfect to hide behind and it looks good to the neighbors across the fence.

(The tree looks short in this picture but it’s actually taller than I am.) (My brothers’ comment would be – that’s not saying much. They are soooo mean while they are looking down on the top of my head)

I used to put the tree in the front room for the neighbors on that side but I spend more time at this table. This way I see the lights more often. Especially if I get my nose out of a book long enough to notice my surroundings.

I’m not sure why I can spend hours sitting at this table to read. Maybe it’s because my feet touch the floor and the seat is padded.


Having mood lifting lights this year has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Last Saturday, someone close to our family passed away very suddenly.

He stopped in at a friends before heading to the grocery store that morning. Once there he began to feel unwell. Some trouble breathing, some chest pain. He drove back to the friend who took him to the hospital. His vitals all looked good but they kept him for observation and the friend went home. An hour later the hospital called. He was gone, just like that.

No one knows why. He was seemingly a healthy man. I guess they will investigate because of the circumstances. We would all like to know what happened.

One thing out of it all is amazing to me, and a touching blessing.

He lived alone. I don’t think anyone ever went to his house, not very often anyway.

The awesome thing is – he didn’t die alone in his house or on the floor in the middle of a store. He died lying on a bed in the best and most appropriate place he could possibly be. His family knew where he was and were there quickly. If it had to happen it couldn’t had been planned any better than that.

Maybe this means a lot to me because I worry about such things. Probably more than I realize.

Somehow, the gentleness of the circumstances has made it easier to think of him as gone. Especially so close to Christmas. His family will miss him. We all will.

The shock is fading a little for me and that helps. I pray it is for his family too.

In the meantime, I buried my nose in a book most of the weekend and have more read books to share soon.

My current read is enjoyable and I’m looking forward to getting a few more pages in before lights out. (I’d best quit with the edits if I want that to happen)

Walk with Me: A Christian Faith Clean Romance (Faith and Love Book 1)

Amazon quote:

He just wants to help.
She is determined to do it all herself—and not fall in love.

Three years ago, Paige Kelly had to leave college to take care of her five younger siblings after their parents’ death. She has no time for romance and even less interest in her new boss and his curiosity about her life. Getting attached would only mean getting hurt.

Russell Pierce just returned to his hometown to become manager of the country club. He never planned on an office romance, but he can’t stop thinking about his alluring restaurant manager with the weight of the world on her shoulders. He wants to help, but she wants nothing to do with him. 

Paige can’t imagine starting a relationship with anyone, and Russell needs to focus on work. Despite their reluctance, their genuine connection and undeniable attraction grow harder to avoid when they collaborate on a new project, leaving them both to re-evaluate what they thought they wanted.


Today was a slow day for new and interesting book suggestions, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

In the meantime ….

Happy Reading

and enjoy some Christmas lights.

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