Free and bargain books January 28, 2020

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us this morning.

Paper Roses, book 5 in Serenity’s Plain Secrets. An Amish Mystery series appearing in my reading list since 2015. All five books have been read and enjoyed by me, and hopefully others too.

Paper Roses

Amazon quote:

Some Amish communities aren’t so cozy.

Paper Roses is the electrifying new addition to the Serenity’s Plain Secrets’ mystery/crime thriller series.

While an archeological team digs up Blood Rock’s sinister past, a forbidden romance begins, and Serenity races to stop a serial killer before he strikes again.

When the mutilated corpse of a young Amish woman is discovered in Blood Rock, Sheriff Serenity Adams embarks on her most terrifying case yet, facing a killer unlike anything she’s seen before. Law enforcement and the Amish join forces to unravel the truth and find the person terrorizing the community, and just when Serenity thinks she’s solved the case, she finds out that the nightmare is far from over.


BookBub has a bargain suggestion ($0.99) from frequently appearing, prolific author, Joy Ohagwu,

The After (Books 1-3) Christian Inspirational Series

The After books 1-3

Amazon quote:

After – Series Book 1

All she had was a stunning voice, but he plotted her downfall and the loss of her faith. Will she let shame win or fight back with the faith he despised?

Sixty thousand people watched as Candace Rodriguez literally fell off the stage while performing the national anthem, wrecking more than her self-esteem. Is her music career over? Now, weighing 350 pounds and jilted by her fiancé after the shame of her public fall, can she find another chance at true love? Will her new Christian faith anchor her future hopes?

Former highbrow stock trader, “JB” Patrickson has had enough of life making mockery of his best laid-out future plans. His father insisted he’d never make it more than selling ” chickn” stock in Kentucky. Proving him wrong, JB succeeded at the NY Stock Exchange, becoming one of the best US traders…until the market crashed in 2008. Seven years later and mired in debt, he can’t shake the urge that God is leading him down a different path. Has he fallen low enough to toil with his hands to eke out a single meal? What future could God plan for him on a farm?

AFTER 2 – Series Book 2

I almost drowned…then I lived.

Blossom Daniels lost her job moments after she reported to work, because she couldn’t climb the stairs for mail delivery, thanks to a permanently broken down elevator. Her day was only beginning. Little did she know, before it ended, she’d be fighting for her life in the chilly grip of the Potomac. 

Josh Miller was running late to his sister’s baby shower–a shower she pressured him to attend, refusing to hear his complaints of, “men don’t attend that sort of event.” But after a slew of traffic mishaps, neither his sister’s baby shower nor the traffic comprised his agenda. He was diving into the depths of the Potomac River to save a person he’d never met. 

Blossom knew her weight would challenge anyone attempting to save her. She prayed desperately, “God, if you save me, I will lose this weight!” First, she must overcome the rough waves determined to sink her. 

AFTER 3 – Series Book 3

After she reached her limit, she stumbled into a miracle.

As far as former supermodel Rachel Song was concerned, her best modeling days–and the good cash it brought along–were over, thanks to her age and a medical condition beyond her control. Stuck with debt, and working a low-paying job, she finds herself doubting an opportunity to revisit her modeling days, was from God. Will she follow through on her promise to be part of this new venture, or will the rejections she’d suffered impact her obedience to God?

Since the day his late fiancee died, New York Times bestselling author, Al Dove had kept one promise to himself–to keep breathing until he died too–and to do nothing more. He was no longer interested in anything life had to offer him beyond breathing, eating and sleeping. 

When a knock at the door, and a sharp awakening led him to revisit his decision, he attempts to pick up the pieces of his life from shambles. Can he see a possible future with God and the people around him in it, or will he remain blinded by grief?


One more bargain at $1.31. from another award winning author, Christy Barritt.

Clean Break (Squeaky Clean Mysteries book 15)

(I know… it says three on the cover but fifteen in the product description. I haven’t discovered why yet, so we’ll just go with it. It does work to search this way.)

Clean Break

Amazon quote:

Gabby and the Cold Case Squad tackle their most personal case yet.

Evie Manson’s foster mom vanished six weeks ago on a trip to Pennsylvania. The mystery surrounding her disappearance haunts Evie. Was it a blind date gone bad? Is she injured somewhere all alone? Why hasn’t anyone heard from her since?

With not a clue in sight, Gabby and the Cold Case Squad travel to Shady Valley to investigate. When no one will answer their questions and hostility abounds around every corner, the crew determines something is definitely shady in the valley.

News of a dead body found in the local park intensifies the search for Evie’s missing mother. Just what is the town hiding? Is Evie’s foster mom even still alive? Gabby and her team need to catch a break before time runs out. But will obstacles at every turn stop them?


My current read is Gone to Texas

Gone to Texas

Happy Reading! Have a good day.

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