Free books for January 27, 2020

We have two free books this morning. One from 1531 Entertainment and the other from BookBub.

The first is Loving a Rebel: The Preacher’s Daughters (Glory Montana book 1)  I have read and enjoyed some of Linda Ford’s books, the last one was Wagon Train Baby in March of last year. Today’s series is new to me but I think it will be interesting and a worthwhile read too.

Loving a Rebel

Amazon quote:

Flora Kinsley has always been a red-headed rebel who delights to ride madly across the country. After being orphaned at age four, she has always had an insatiable desire to run. But when her wild riding leads her into trouble, she finds herself lost and stranded in a snowstorm. She takes shelter in the home of a bachelor rancher.

Kade Thomas has lost enough loved ones because of foolish choices and risky behavior. The last thing he needs is to be involved with a wild rebel. But being stranded unchaperoned with Flora for two nights gives her preacher father plenty of reason to insist they marry. Knowing that if he forces Flora into marriage against her wishes, it would make for a miserable situation, he begs for a chance to persuade Flora she wants to marry him.

Will this pair find that love is awaiting them? Or will the truth destroy any chance of love?


The second book today is Rhett’s Make-Believe Marriage: Christmas Bride’s for Billionaire Brother’s (Seven Sons Ranch in Three Rivers Romance book 1) To be honest, I shy away from fake marriages and billionaires, all of which seem to be a popular trend right now. Maybe I’m the only one to feel reluctant in promoting this type of book. I think it has a Hollywood mindset unrelatable to the rest of the world. Maybe that’s not a bad thing? Or is it?

Liz has written other series set in Three Rivers and we’ve downloaded and enjoyed quite a few of them. Maybe we should give this one a try as well. I hope it isn’t the disappointment I’m afraid it could be.

Rhett's Make Believe

Amazon Quote:

She needs a husband to be credible as a matchmaker. He wants to help a neighbor. Will their fake marriage take them out of the friend zone?

Rhett Walker has been in Three Rivers for a year, relying on the Foster sisters next door as he rebuilds his ranch after a tornado hits town. He’s closest to Evelyn, and they spend a lot of time together. While he’s entertained thoughts of starting a relationship with her, there’s always a boyfriend and their friendship between them.

Evelyn Foster runs a successful, secretive matchmaking service for the women of Three Rivers. She helps set up situations so cowboys can get out of their own way and see the beautiful woman standing right in front of them. Business is great—until people start to lose confidence in her abilities because her boyfriends all seem to break up with her.

To save her business, she’ll have to risk her heart. And her pride. She knocks on Rhett’s door—the only person she thinks will go along with her crazy plan. Could their make-believe marriage be exactly what they both need to get out of their own way and find a happily-ever-after?


Yesterday I mentioned I was having trouble choosing the next book to read. I settled on Falling for You a Romantic Suspense. It has been a very good choice, I’m really liking it  and it is still FREE.

Falling for You

Happy Reading!



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