Free books January 26, 2020

Not much action in the world of free books today and BookRunes is the only one with suggestions for us.

Heart’s Design is FREE. I don’t know anything about this book, yet. It will be a surprise for all of us.

Heart's Design

Amazon quote:

Caroline wants to grab hold of the future. Seth can’t let go of the past.

Recent Wellesley College graduate Caroline Prescott’s future is set in stone. After Harvard Law School, she’ll step into place beside her two brothers in their father’s legendary Boston law firm. Caroline secretly longs for the quiet, peaceful life and a career designing jewelry with precious gemstones instead of life as a hotshot Boston attorney.

On a hiking trip with her two best friends weeks before entering law school, Caroline meets Seth Barnes in charming Evergreen, Maine. A mineralogist and part-time college professor, Seth drives a truck sporting an I DIG ROCKS license plate, lives in hiking clothes, flannel shirts and jeans, and loves Jesus.

Two years later, when they meet again, Caroline and Seth confront both the promise of possibility and the pain of past heartaches. What’s a girl to do when the man she secretly loves has a serious girlfriend and seems determined to hold her at arm’s length? And what’s a guy to do when he can’t stay away from a certain irresistible woman no matter how hard he tries? Does the Lord have His own design for their hearts?


I’ve just finished Hope Harbor, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It has great characters and an engaging story line. It’s still a bargain at $0.99.

Hope Harbor


It’s been hard to settle on what comes next. There were several tries that didn’t catch my interest but it looks like Falling for You could be a good choice. It’s still FREE too.

Falling for You

Happy Reading!

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