Free and Bargain Books December 5, 2019

LPC has offered a couple of FREE  books today.

The first FREE book is Lord of Her Heart, we’ve seen this one before and it was a good one.

Lord of Her Heart

The next one FREE is a repeat as well but it is a good read too and definitely worth mentioning again. Jessie’s Hope

Jessie's Hope

BookBub has a couple of suggestions this morning.

A bargain at $0.99 The Christmas Dog a mangy stubborn dog and a new perspective for a bitter old woman.

The Christmas Dog

And a FREE book A Bid For Love. This one showed up for me in 2013 and I still remember reading it. A bidding war over a statue that even the FBI is looking at.

A Bid for Love

BookRunes has come through with a FREE book today too. One I’ve not read, but I do know the author. A story of betrayal and survival.


This has turned out to be a good day for books.

Happy Reading

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