a few more books read & enjoyed

No bargains or interesting free books today but, tomorrow is another day.

There are a few books-read to mention, though, so we’ll go there for a minute tonight. You know they had to be good reads because it’s only been two days since the last post like this.

A Christmas Wish is still FREE. It was a fun read despite the tension caused by the threat on their life.

A Christmas Wish

Megan lives a busy life; growing her fancy-cake business while parenting her niece after the death of her sister and brother-in-law a few years back. She’s entirely unaware of two things. A terrorist group is targeting both Megan and Nora, and five-year-old Nora desperately wants Santa to bring her a daddy for Christmas.

It’s a shock when FBI agent William Parker shows up at her door admitting he’s been watching them for several days, and he’s insisting they need protection. There are more shocks in store when she discovers he knows things she had never heard about her life.

In the middle of it all, Nora is falling in love with this man who knows how to relate to little kids. Having his undivided attention for weeks at the safe house only serves to deepen her attachment. She’s convinced he’s the one to be her daddy. Megan is not on the same page about any of it. Relationships have not worked out well for her and independence feels like the safer way to go.

There are lots of twists and turns in this story. It was hard to put down and was quickly finished.


Beautiful Storm was a fascinating read too. I loved it. It is not free anymore but it’s worth the price if you feel drawn to the story.

Beautiful Storm

This Amazon quote says it all so well

Tori’s life was perfect—a successful job, a doctor for a husband, and a pristine loft in Chicago—until her husband left her for someone else. With her divorce comes a surprise cabin in the Deep South, and she wants nothing more than to get rid of it so she can get her life back in order.

Marcus is the self-appointed guardian of his sister and three brothers, while their mother lives a toxic lifestyle, but one call to his auto repair shop from an entitled city girl turns his world upside down. He’s a master of reading people, but the feisty newcomer poses an interesting challenge.

Plain Everyday Heroes is free if you have Kindle Unlimited. This book collection didn’t rate as high on my like meter as the first two books but it was still interesting and worth reading.

Plain Everyday Heroes

Another Amazon quote

They come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Sometimes they’re
larger-than-life wonders who do grandiose things, but more often than
not, they’re ordinary people who do something that feels extraordinary
to the person they help. They’re just “Everyday Heroes.”

Playing with Fire by Laura V. Hilton, An Unlikely Hero by Rachel J. Good, Racing the Slow Girls by Thomas Nye

I’m currently reading Wildflowers (Garden of Love book 3) it’s not free anymore either but it’s good. I’m having trouble putting it down.


Another Amazon quote for you

“Wildflowers” is a story of new beginnings. In recent months, Natalie Matthews’ well-ordered, independent life has become one of chaos and uncertainty. Her career as a travel photographer is in limbo, and her relationships on several fronts are complicated. She knows what she wants, but she wonders if her hopes are realistic and if what she desires will lead to the happiness she longs for.

Happy Reading


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