Free & bargain books November 29, 2019

A FREE book mentioned by one of my regular author contacts is written by popular author, Pepper Basham. Chautona Havig and Pepper often contribute to the same collections and I always like what they come up with. I know I will enjoy this new story too.

Jane By The Book

Healing from the shame of a wedding day that didn’t end in a marriage, Jane relocated and spent the last four years working in the grand old B & B of a friend.

The job has grown with her and she’s become expert at successfully managing the housekeeping end of a thriving hotel business. This skill, while confidence building, has created a problem for her. Her boss/friend (Nora) has roped Jane into helping her fiancé (Ethan) train staff for his newly acquired hotel in England. He is paying all of her expenses and it’s been years since she’s done any travelling, maybe it’s time to step out and explore new places. With that decided, she’s feeling quietly excited.

It doesn’t take long for Titus to enter the scene and turn her orderly life upside down. Unexpectedly, he finds dramatic changes in his life as well. The fiction stories ever consuming his attention suddenly aren’t quite as alluring as real life.

This sounds like a fun read.

Jane by The Book

BookRunes FREE suggestion today is Orphaned Hearts (A Heart of Africa Romance) Conservationist, Simon Hartley is left with a daughter to raise when his wife dies in childbirth. In his grief, his daughter and orphan elephants become his whole life.

Lady Abigail Chadwick wants to escape English society and postpone an arranged marriage. A year spent teaching in Africa’s Good Shepherd Orphanage will make this happen for her.

He is not thrilled about having to rescue a traveller stranded at the airport but he does it.

Orphaned Hearts

Happy day. A pre-order book arrived on my Kindle this morning. Christmas on Breakers Point is now available for download and it’s still a bargain at $1.32 CDN

Christmas on Breakers Point

I’m currently reading book 2 of the Amish collection Love’s Thankful Heart. Unfortunately it’s not free anymore but I noticed another collection from the same authors and it’s free.

Love's Thankful Heart

Plain Everyday Heroes is FREE today and based on the enjoyable reading experience of Love’s Thankful Heart, this is now on my TBR list.

Plain Everyday Heroes

Happy Reading on this wintery day. Although, some parts of the world are moving toward summer. Enjoy the reading and the warmth if summer is in your life.






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