Bargain Books November 30, 2019

Suggestions from another author this morning. Jennifer Youngblood has several interesting bargain collections for us.

The Christmas Bliss Collection (three books) is a bargain at 1.29 CDN The cover gives a light hearted fluff appearance but the synopsis holds a little more weight so I’ve downloaded this one to check it out.

The Christmas Bliss collection

Jennifer’s, The Cozy Fire Collection has five books, with 1075 total pages, a good deal at $1.32 CDN. The synopsis for these looks interesting too, so that’s another one added to my TBR list. I’m not looking for any more today, eight books between two collections will keep me busy for a while. It is tempting, though.

The Cozy Fire Collection

I’m currently reading Jane By The Book and it is living up to my expectations. It’s still FREE if you haven’t downloaded a copy.

Jane by The Book

Jane has arrived in England. Her friends new old Inn is beautiful and she’s excited about the business possibilities. She’s met Titus, the hyperactive mystery writer. He’s noticed she has her own mystery to solve for an illusive ancestor named Jane. He’s poking his nose into her business and she’s not sure she likes it, or him, very much.  Must see where this goes.

Happy Saturday and Happy Reading.



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