Free and bargain books November 28, 2019

Two very different but interesting read suggestions from BookBub this morning.

The first one is a bargain at $0.99 and is a three book Romance collection.

The Soldiers of the Purple Heart Ranch

The mission of Purple Heart Ranch is rehabilitation for soldiers suffering PTSD. The love stories envisioned by author Shanae Johnson have added depth to them with brokenness in the lives of all the characters, not just the soldiers. Her disclaimer at the beginning of book 1 acknowledges that it takes more than love to bring healing to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but she feels love goes a long way toward making it happen. I think she’s right. Love does have special healing qualities. Especially when paired with other therapies.

I’m a fan of love stories with depth. This should be good.

The soldiers of the purple heart ranch

The second BookBub suggestion is FREE

The Unveiling

A historical novel with knights and wars and kingdoms needing heirs. The story of a sister out for revenge in the unjust death of her brother. Four years she spends learning to be a warrior then disguises herself as a squire (a guy) to gain access to his murderer.

Once she has him in her presence, doubts arise. Does she truly have all the facts straight?

The Unveiling

Last but not least:

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion this morning.

Love’s Thankful Heart is a three book collection of Amish love stories. With three different authors I don’t recall reading before. The recurring underlying theme in each romance seems to be finding a way to help the less fortunate.

Most often, the Amish live in community, with their own language, culture, and rules of conduct. Farming is the preferred way of life, using the methods of bygone days. Horse and buggy, with a shunning of modern conveniences. Their language is similar to German and some of their common words are sprinkled liberally throughout the story. At least that’s how it is in this first one anyway.

All things Amish have become very popular in the last decade or two and many books have been written from their point of view. This collection looks to be a soft introduction into their world, if you are new to reading their stories.

Love's Thankful Heart

Another day of Happy Reading


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