Free LPC books November 27, 2019

Possibly the last FREE LPC (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) ebook blast of the year. It’s hard to believe this year of 2019 is coming to a close already. It feels like it’s barely started. I still find myself about to write 2018 every now and again. To think that a decade is coming to a close as well, is even harder to imagine.

If this is LPCs last big push of the year we will have to savor these books and make them last into the new year. Mind you, we have other sources so we won’t panic, but we can be a little sad.

The Highlanders  The Highlanders: A Smitten Historical Romance Collection written by four authors. I’ve read and enjoyed one of the authors –  J’Nell Ciesielski. I’m looking forward to this collection if her previous work is any indication of what’s in store for us. I’m sure it is gong to be good.

Night Fox a love story set in Ireland 1715

A Tender Siege set in the USA 1763

The Year Without Summer set in Scotland 1816

The Violinist set in Idaho, USA 1915

Practically Married  Practically Married is a book I’ve read and enjoyed. I think it was offered as pre-release, you had to sign up for the authors email list to get it.

The story starts with an online relationship.

Tom and Ashley decided to meet in person (they had only talked by video) and marry soon. Ashley sold her house, quit her job, and packed up for the move to his state. Only, he didn’t arrive at the airport to pick her up as planned. Finally improvising, she made her way to his house in time to find he had died in an accident and the existence of a girlfriend was news to his family.

She may have been a surprise but the shocker was to find he had inadvertently willed her the farmhouse he shared with his cousin and farming partner.

With all these new revelations it seems she didn’t know him as well as she thought she did. Now she’s legally tied to his large family and no one is happy about it. She is a fixer, maybe she think of a way to make the situation work out well for everyone.

Murder in the Family  Murder in the Family is another book I’ve read and enjoyed. Probably through another pre-release offer.

Molly is a professional storm chaser and hasn’t been home to visit her dysfunctional family in years. She wouldn’t be here now except her beloved aunt died and named Molly sole beneficiary of her estate. Her death is a shock but the reading of her will is a much bigger shock.

The level of family greed is legendary. She wants no part in any of it. Except, she’s backed into a corner with the terms of the will. There is another choice that would let her walk away but it’s not one she’s willing to accept.

To make matters worse her aunt was a hoarder and the house is a dumping place for everyone’s things. The stuffed full interior smells like something died, the last roommate has disappeared, and – the family is convinced there’s buried treasure in the house and it’s their right to come in and take it.

Molly isn’t afraid to chase tornados but she doesn’t feel like she has the courage to stand up to the abusive members of her family. Her aunt seems to think she is the only one in the family who does have the courage.

Among the Poppies  Among The Poppies was a book on our FREE list a couple of days ago. It’s worth considering again though.

Below is part of what I said about this book on the 25th. This story is a good read.

Gwyn has learned, and learned to love, auto mechanics living life close to the side of her chauffeur father. She’s also learned the art of being a lady at the hands of her benefactress and father’s employer. Social norms of the day are restrictive, a woman driving and fixing automobiles was just not done. Gwyn doesn’t care about any of that. There is a desperate need for ambulance drivers with mechanics to keep them on the road. Gwyn has the skills to do both and she plans to answer the call.

Among the Poppies is written by one of the authors involved with the first book collection today.

Sand Creek Serenade  Sand Creek Serenade sounds like a book I’ve read but I’m not seeing it in my list. In any event, I enjoyed the book I did read and I have plans to read and enjoy this one too.

Part of the synopsis on Amazon:

One woman with a deep desire to serve and help. One brave who will stop at nothing to save his people. Each willing to die for their beliefs and love for one another. Will their sacrifice be enough?

As a female medical doctor in 1864, Sadie Hoppner is no stranger to tragedy and loss. While she grapples with the difficulties of practicing medicine at a Colorado outpost, she learns that finding acceptance and respect proves especially difficult at Fort Lyon.

Cheyenne brave Five Kills wants peace between his people and the American Army.

Answering the Call Answering the Call is a devotional written…

Based on the author’s experiences as a paramedic, these inspirational devotionals tap into the concerns and issues that trouble men and women serving as first responders. First responders answer the call. (quote from Amazon)

This topic is dear to my heart as I’ve never forgotten my five years spent several decades ago as first responder in a small town. The experience provided a little taste of what it would be like as a full time career first responder in a larger area. Not an easy life. There are many life changing things you can’t unsee, yet your heart of compassion wants to be there for others in times of crisis.

It’s true, career first responders are unsung heroes. I expect this book will give us a little glimpse into the lives they lead. I know the glimpse will lead to appreciation, especially if we ever have need of their services. Remembering a little of how it is for them will deepen our appreciation.

While I took a break from this post to let it settle a bit before publishing, I was thinking back over my experiences on ambulance. I did face fatalities of different kinds, from time to time, but I was spared the difficult scenes of massive injury. I covered many shifts due to my availability as a stay-at-home mom and the only call with car crash trauma that should have been mine was covered by a crew mate who needed to trade shifts with me for that day. I was sorry about the accident but grateful to have been spared the call.

A decade or so earlier while listening to a nurse friend (in another small town many miles further west) talk about riding ambulance, this feeling of horror came over me at the thought of having to do such a job. It’s funny how it goes sometimes. Who knew that one day I would agree to the same job because the town needed me.

I’m grateful to have been spared horrendous scenes that would live forever in my memory. At the same time though I have many rewarding memories of being there when patients with health issues needed help. If I had it to do over again, knowing what I know, I would say yes in a heart beat.

I think my deepest appreciation for first responders comes more from what I know I didn’t experience rather than from what I did. I’m looking forward to reading Answering the Call, to see life from someone else’s perspective.

So, getting back to the subject of books. Enjoy the latest interesting and FREE offerings from LPC Books and we look forward to seeing more from them in the new year.

Happy Reading





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