Bargain books November 26, 2019

BookBub started it all this morning with several bargain books.

The first bargain ($0.99) is from a new favorite author Alana Terry. Forget Me Now is the gripping suspense story of a young woman who’s lost a portion her memory through brain injury trauma. She’s has no idea what’s happened to her and no ability to retain new memories when she does figure things out. Everyone close to her is dead and it’s clear she’s next.  There are some tense moments in store for her and for us.

Forget me now

The second bargain book ($1.99)  is a change of pace. In The Field of Grace is a retelling of the story of Ruth and Boaz. This tale is popular with authors and there have been many versions written through the years. This one seems to be from a different point of view, which is new. It’s usually told from Ruth’s perspective with Boaz taking a minor role. This time, the story starts out from his point of view, immediately catching my interest.

I don’t know this author but I’m looking forward to the experience.

In the Field of Grace

And finally, an Amazon suggested bargain book ($1.99) is a beloved collection from iconic Canadian author Janette Oke. We’ve been reading and watching movies of her pioneer stories for decades. This Canadian West Collection contains six of her most popular books.

Canadian West Collection

1 When Calls the Heart
2 When Comes the Spring
3 When Breaks the Dawn
4 When Hope Springs New
5 Beyond the Gathering Storm
6 When Tomorrow Comes

My video stash still has the movie box collection for three of these popular books. It’s nice to bring them out again every now and then.

Happy Reading.

Today is Grey Cup parade through the city of Winnipeg.  People are out in droves to honour the win of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football team and the energy level is high. I’m loving the internet live stream for those of us not able to be there in person. I think I will wait awhile to read. It’s been twenty nine years since their last championship win so this could be the parade of a lifetime, definitely not is to be missed.

CJOB live is the place to find it if you follow Canadian football.


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